The Thought Triangle.

You get to decide who you want to be in any given moment of time.
Should you not like the decision you have made in any previous moment of time, You get to change it.
I made a decision that will affect my daily habits.
Have you?

Every day is a new beginning.

You can be who-ever you decide to be…

If… You are brave enough to try.

If… You are kind enough to fail and try again.

If… You love yourself enough to give yourself the gift of life.

You can be who-ever you decide to be.

Who will you decide to be today.

Linda Codlin.

Picture credit: Anna Logavecha

Hello My Friends,

This week I have been at a convention, what a mind stretching and soul enhancing experiencing.
I have learned a lot of new things about myself, which have changed the way I see myself.
I absolutely love being stretched, especially in a delightfully loving and supportive way.

I have so many thoughts racing around in my head, it is difficult to settle to write this blog.

I have decided to share an experience I had the other day, that has renewed my conviction to up level an area of my life.
As I have mentioned I am at a convention at the moment.
I promised myself that I would create and post a 2-3 min instagram/You tube video of a Love Lesson that is important to me. It would be raw and uncut.
Basically it was posted as it was recorded without editing.
Well the other day, I was in the park, with the wind blowing in my face and the picture of me was not very elegant or glamourous. Every fibre in my being wanted to revideo it.
My brain told me that no-one would know that I had remastered it. The thing is I would know, and I had already decided that Linda’s Love Lessons would be raw and uncut, that they would represent what was important to me, ugly face and all.
So being true to myself, and my word to myself, I posted the video.

Now, when I look at the picture, it reminds me of who I don’t want to be.
I want to be an elegant and glamourous woman who is proud to put her work into the world.
My up level in my thinking is about being a woman who is always looking her best, and to do this, I get to care about my appearance, no matter where I go or who I see or don’t see.
I want to be a woman who can be proud of herself.

What do you do at the moment that you’d like to feel proud about, but don’t all the time?
What habit can you tweak to make a difference to how you think and feel about yourself?
Do you have a physical reminder of why you want to change something?

Mindset work is all about seeing what we don’t like, and making shifts in the way we think to generate what we do like, consistently.
Our actions and our thoughts alter our feelings. It’s a triangle, with thoughts on the top, feelings on the right and actions on the left. The triangle can go in any direction.
Each of the three points has a direct impact on the other two, and when all three are in alignment then change becomes permanent.
If we work on action without thought or feeling upgrades, we eventually go back to old habits.
If we work on thoughts without upgrading actions or feelings, we don’t go anywhere, we need action to reinforce new behavioural thoughts.
If we work on feelings without upgrading our thoughts, we end up going in spirals and wearing ourselves out without much gain.
When we work on the three together we compound the results and they stick, and change becomes permanent. We see ourselves as different, we generate feelings and actions that prove to ourselves and others that we are different, from the inside out rather than the outside in.

What thoughts do you need to upgrade to become the person you have to be to have what you want?
For me I have to upgrade my thinking to include being elegant and glamourous, and Linda’s version of elegant and glamourous may not be the same as anyone else’s and that’s as it ought to be.
Then, it’s a matter of finding the feeling you want to feel when you have what you want, and figure out how to feel that now, in advance. (This takes practice.)
For me, I get to choose to dress in a way that makes me feel feminine and elegant, I get to take care of my skin and body in a way that feels galourous to me.
This includes adding make-up to my morning routine, making sure my clothes are pressed, and that I am caring about the details. Elegance and glamour are all in the little details.
The feeling of elegance and glamour are re-inforced by my actions.
What actions do you need to take to re-inforce your feelings and thoughts so you can live in the feeling of having what you want now, before it appears.

This can be a tricky concept to get hold of, but once you have, you’ll have one of the keys to creating the life that satisfies your soul, and you’ll feel so fulfilled.

Today’s challenge is to use the thought triangle to up level one thought or one feeling or one action to create something you want to add to your life.
You might want to add a touch of elegance to your day, or a touch of humour to your day. You get to choose. That’s the best bit, you create your life your way on your terms.

Until next time, be kind to yourself, laugh and love with yourself.

oxoxo Linda.

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