A Feminine Woman is…

What is your definition of feminine?
Where did this definition come from?
Does this way of being feminine feel authentic to real to you?
If it doesn’t then it’s not your style of femininity.
Femininity is an essence that radiates out from within you.

The essence of FEMININITY is to absolutely Love being a woman.


Hello, My Friends

This week has seen me doing something completely new. This weekend I assisted a facepainter at a sporting event.
I have never painted faces before, with a few lessons on loading the brush and the amount of pressure to use, how to twirl and twist to get different effects I was on my way.
It didn’t take the older children long to figure out who the experienced face painter was.
I loved the challenge, the small children didn’t mind my novice attempts. Some faces actually looked like I wanted them too.
And a few needed cleaning off completely and beginning again.
Remembering I was a novice lifted the pressure off myself. Taking my time and finding the joy in each of the cherished little faces that appeared was one of the delights of the weekend.

Ladies today I want to talk about femininity. Embracing being a woman.
For many years I did not appreciate being a woman/female. I felt it was a draw back, like I was somehow being penalised.
I didn’t have the freedom of movement that my brothers had. I had more expectations placed on me.
I was trained how to do all the “girl” roles. I also loved to run and be free, to work in the shed with my dad. I’d be his fetch and carry girl.
He taught me how to saw, how to use an axe, how to build and create in timber. Both my parents taught me how to garden, mum with the flowers, and dad with the veges.
In my childish view the veges were always so much more fun. In hindsight, that was because the weeding was easier, once all the veges are removed the ground was easy to weed, whereas flowers live in the ground all the time and needed more careful attention.

I was raised to believe that girls did certain things, wore certain clothes, and acted in certain ways. A whole lot of rules that felt extremely constricting.

This is not what I mean, when I share about being feminine.
The essence of femininity is to absolutely love being a woman. Madonna.
Do you adore yourself? Can you look at yourself in the mirror and love all of you, curves, bumps, droops and all?

The greatest form of feminine power is to have power over yourself.
When a woman walks in assurance and confidence of herself as a woman, she is powerful, she holds the cards of allure, of charm and beauty close to her heart.
A woman who loves herself without conditions is a woman who can not easily be swayed.
She knows her herself and gains strength from that. She is confident in who she is, she knows her purpose and shares with others, their pain, their laughter and their growth.
A feminine woman accentuates her strengths and creates a safe haven for up-leveling her weaknesses. She may out source tasks and activities at her good pleasure.
A feminine woman speaks up for herself, and for others, she is bold, she trusts herself, she weighs her words and actions.
A feminine woman lives intuitively, she is guided, with an open relationship to her inner spirit. She intuitively knows and follows her guide, trusting that only the best in in store for her.
As a feminine woman you express your true feelings with abandon, you are real with yourself, when life hurts, you allow it to hurt. When life feels hard, you acknowledge the struggle, owning your part of it.
A feminine woman takes full responsibility for her life, and every thing in it.
A feminine woman is financially savvy, she knows how to invest wisely, she knows how to make $1 into $100. She knows the value of living abundantly, enjoying the wealth she has.
A feminine woman also knows how to generate wealth, how to create financial streams of income, with joy, peace and harmony.
A feminine woman has nothing to prove to anyone, she gets to live her life, her way.
She increases the energy of every room she enters, her essence permeates the very atmosphere.
A feminine woman is at peace with her past, she pulls on the experience of life to add a rich dimension to her essence. Hard times are the colours that add depth and dimension to her soul.
Love can not thrive with out contrast.
A feminine woman embraces all of her life, the comfortable, the uncomfortable, the known and the unknown.
She has a confidence in herself, she believes in who she is, she believes she is worthy, she believes in who she can be.
A feminine woman, walking in her feminine essence is powerful.

Are you walking in your feminine essence?
Would you like to embrace your femininity more?

I am putting together a six week study of a feminine woman’s essential essence.
This study will cover Mindset, physicality, and spiritual awareness.

If you are interested email me on authenticlivingwithlinda@gmail.com and I will email you an information sheet, and registration details.

Your challenge this week is to find the joy of being a woman, allowing yourself a moment to breathe, to get in touch with your soul desire.
To feel, to connect with your feminine essence, she is never far away, she is always waiting for permission to be felt.
I give you the gift of feeling into your feminine essence, sensing the strength of being a woman, enjoying the loving warmth of being a woman.

If you find you are out of touch with your feminine essence, this six week course will help you to rekindle that relationship with yourself.
Or if you would prefer coaching face to face, connect with me. And we can discuss your personal situation, and create a plan of mindset and action to unleash your feminine essence.
What a difference you will make to your life, when you live in your authentic essence.

Until next time, have a fabulous week my friends.

oxoxo Linda.

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