Ep #3 Be Thankful for Small Mercies

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Be thankful for small mercies

Hello, My Friends

It has been interesting, while on this journey of challenging norms, just how many unchallenged thoughts I have.
Just yesterday another one popped up.
The thought was “Be Thankful for Small Mercies”
I haven’t heard this saying for years.
We were out for dinner and the meal was disappointing, we made choices and were justifying to ourselves how to be grateful for the meal in front of us.
And out of my mouth popped, “We can be thankful for small mercies.”
Aye, what.
Yes, I could be thankful for the food in front of me.
But that was not the energy that these words portrayed for me.
These words put me into a victim mentality, like I didn’t have any say or choice in the matter.
These words took me straight back into my childhood.
When ever something was less than desirable, we were told to be thankful for small mercies, as if some one had taken pity on us and given us a gift.
The underlying thought and later to become a belief was that I was not worthy to choose the best things in life.
If someone gave me, or offered me something, anything really, clothes, food, furniture, household items, I was somehow obliged to take it and make it work, to not do so was to be wasteful, and ungrateful.

Learning to say ‘No thank you” has been an important part of challenging this norm.
Also deliberately choosing what I do want.

We redeemed our dinner by doing something we had previously planned, with the promise to each other that we won’t put ourselves in that situation again, and if we do, then we have the courage to leave.

Have you heard the saying, ” Be thankful for small mercies” before?
What does it mean to you?
I’d love to hear your views.

What is your go to thought when some one offers you some thing that you don’t want?
What are the processes your mind go through to sort out whether it is an offer you can refuse or one you want to or feel you have to accept?

Does the person offering have an impact on how you respond?

These are interesting questions and your answers can enlighten you to triggers hiding deep within your childhood, that have hitched a ride into your adult life univited.

That’s what challenging norms is all about, discovering and deciding if the thoughts we think are ours, or some-one else’s from our past.
And whether we like how those thoughts make us feel.
Then making a deliberate and willful decision to allow or to heal the feelings those thoughts have generated in the past, that are piggy backing into today and affecting how we respond to life now.

I can help you to unravel the thoughts and feeling that are keeping you stuck, keeping you from reaching your potential. We can Challenge your norms together and up date them to benefit you.

Have a fabulous day my friends. Until next timeā€¦

oxoxo Linda

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