Ep # 15 Decisions, Commitment and Actions

Do you have difficulty in following through with the things you say you want?
Are you afraid to make decisions just in case… Something better comes along, You might make a mistake or you don’t know what you really want.
Then I can help you.

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Ep #15 Decisions, Commitment and Actions

Hello, My Friends
Welcome to episode 15.

Today I want to talk about decision making, commitment and action.

Often we don’t make decisions because we over think what needs to happen, we believe that we can’t do what we want.
Sometimes we have too much information, and sorting out what information is relevant to the problem that needs to be solved can feel overwhelming.
Sometimes we are afraid to make a decision just in case something else comes up that we think we’ll like better.
This form of indecision is an excuse to not make a choice. By not choosing you have made a choice already. By not acting, you have made a decision, by default.

To make a decision, you get to think about what you want.
This in itself can be problematic, because we don’t want to have to own our wants.
You already know what you want. You need to allow yourself to admit that you really want what you want.
Make a decision. Decide that you actually do want, what you want.
A decision is a thought.
A decision doesn’t mean anything until you add commitment to it.
It is easy to say I have made a decision to do whatever I want.
I can say I have made a decision to lose the last 10 kg, and I plan to do that over the next 100 days.
Great the decision is made.
What now?
Now comes the commitment to follow through on that decision.
A decision doesn’t mean anything until you add commitment to it. How do you know when you are committed to something?
By the action you take.
Action is doing the things that need to be done, consistently, and commitment is making the plan for you to follow to make it happen.
In losing 10 kg of weight, the commitment could include writing up an eating protocol that you know you will be able to stick to. (also lots of mini decisions)
Creating an exercise plan that you enjoy and that will stretch you a little. Making a decision that you will walk a minimum of 15 mins every day.
The commitment is to put the plan and protocol into your schedule, to be actioned.
A commitment is an agreement with yourself, it moves you out of the place of just wanting and into the energy and space of I’m making this desire happen.
It’s a commitment that takes energy, it takes you through inconvenience, it carries you through the hard and tiring times.
Sometimes we make a decision, and a commitment but don’t follow through and then we make excuses for not making it happen.
Our commitment was for the day we made the decision, instead of for the want, we think we want.
A commitment is not a one off decision, it is not a once and done thing, everyday is an opportunity to recommit to yourself.
With the decision to lose 10 kg in 100 days the commitment comes in taking the necessary action to make that happen.
There will be times when you won’t feel like exercising, there will be times when you want to eat and it’s not time to eat, there will be food available for you to eat but it’s not on your protocol.
That’s when your commitment to your decision steps in. Then the action you take from your commitment will give your decision legs. And that’s how the weight will be lost.

It’s not so much the decision, although the decision is the beginning of the process, the commitment to that decision is what you act upon, and it’s the commitment that needs to be made all the time.

With the ability to make a committed choice is the ability to make a turn around. A turn around is flipping a thought from what you don’t want to what you do want.
Everything begins with a thought. It’s a thought that will derail your commitment to your decision.
If you find you have not followed through with the action you had planned, don’t give up on yoursef, don’t beat yourself up, do a turn around.
At any moment in time you can do a turn around, you can think the opposite thought, you can make yourself move to take the action required.

Action gives your brain evidence that you really are committed to making your decision a reality.
With the weight loss example, as your body and brain realise that you are serious about moving your body for a minimum of 15 mins a day, they will begin to remind you, and encourage you to follow through.
As you follow your protocol, making turn arounds as needed, your brain and body will come on board and it will become easier to follow through.
Then the snowball effect of commitment comes into play and it becomes easier to remain committed.

So your challenge for today is to make a decision, decide on what you want. Then make a commitment to take the action that will make that decision reality.
Also take as many turn arounds as you need. Every turn around is a step closer to making your decision reality.

Have a fabulous day my friends. Until next time…

Live your best life, one committed action at a time, live into your authenticity.
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