Accept or Reject Your Choice.

How many of the thoughts you think in an hour are actually thoughts you choose?
What happens when someone says something to you that you disagree with?
You have the power to accept or reject a thought or an idea.
You can cancel any thought you don’t want

Whenever a NEGATIVE thought concerning your PERSONAL POWER comes to mind, Deliberately voice a POSITIVE thought to CANCEL it out.

Norman Vincent Peale

Hello, My Friends,

I’ve had a wonderful week, filled with early morning starts, fishing, dusk walks with fiery skies and more learnings about who I am as a woman.

Thoughtful question, What have learned about yourself this week?

Some of those ‘negative’ situations we try so hard to avoid, are really just the prod we need to learn a little more about who we are, what we like and what we don’t like.
We don’t know, what we don’t know.
Until something happens that brings that not knowing into our consciousness, we continue on blithely unaware of our habits, our thoughts and the way these affect our lives.

I was reminded this week that our brain consists of the conscious mind and the unconscious mind.
The conscious mind uses our 5 senses to discover and give feedback about the world around us. We can choose the information that goes into our conscious mind.
The conscious mind is the thinking mind, the educated mind, it is the intellectual mind. We have the ability to decide what we will take in, how we will live and learn.
The conscious mind is the intellectual mind, it is the part of your mind that collects data, and information.
It collects this data from places like the radio, the television, the internet, social media, other people, and learning institutes.
These collected pieces of data affect the way we think.
Our conscious mind is information gathering all the time.
Often we already have the information and the data to do what we need to do, but we don’t do it.
Why? Why don’t we do what we already know how to do?

If I asked you how to lose weight, you’d most likely tell me a dozen different ways to take weight off my body.
And most of them I would already know, you learn about what you are interested in.
That is so fascinating, when you become aware of what you don’t know, your brain sets about learning it, for example when you begin to learn about the value of nutrition, you begin to notice nutritional information everywhere.
That’s your amazing conscious mind, seeking information.

Most of us live in this realm. The natural, the seen, the action orientated space.
Often we don’t move into the subconscious realm.
The subconscious mind is where your emotions live. It is the emotional mind.
The subconscious mind cannot reject a strong emotional, repetitive suggestion. Everything that is not guarded against by the conscious mind flows unimpeded into the subconscious mind.
The subconscious mind has to accept the thoughts, emotions, pictures and feelings that the conscious mind sends it’s way.
The subconscious mind doesn’t recognize the difference between what is ‘real’ or what is imagined.
This is why visualization and thinking is of vital importance.
The subconscious mind is where your foundational beliefs reside.
These foundational beliefs are generally installed in us as children, or through a traumatic event, and are linked to strong emotional responses, or prolonged repetition of situations and the consequences of those situations.

When we want to improve our lives most of us will go about changing the physical things we see, hear, taste, and touch.
We have been taught that this is the ‘only’ way to make a change. And often this does produce change, when it becomes a struggle is, when we want to maintain the change permanently.
Because we haven’t changed the belief or the thought that created the initial behaviour, we slip back into the habitual routine of the unwanted behaviour.

Our emotional mind uses the will, the imagination, the memory, perception and intuition to build its beliefs.
This is where our knowing that we know resides.
When we learn to trust this part of our being, and act upon the hunches and intuitive feelings, then our results change permanently.

We can change any belief we hold, by repetition.
Firstly we need to become aware of an action, a thought or behaviour that isn’t serving us, then we set about learning about that thing, this is all conscious mind thinking.
When we move into becoming aware of the emotions, feelings and reasons for the thought, behaviour and action, we are moving into the subconscious mind arena.

By generating the feelings and emotions you want to feel about the thing you want, you can bring that into your space quicker and permanently.
Your subconscious mind can’t tell the difference between real and imagined. Why not live in the imagined.
Combine the emotions and feelings of what you want, with dedicated thought and action, to make it your reality.
You get to accept or reject any thought, any words spoken over you, any images you see that don’t take you where you want to go.

My aha moment came the other day, when I was thinking about this concept.
That the subconscious mind cannot reject anything given to it, it has to accept everything.
My subconscious mind has to accept anything that is not challenged.
Wow! How many of my thoughts aren’t challenged?
Once it has been accepted into my subconscious mind, it becomes part of my internal programming until it is over written deliberately with repetitious thought.
Wouldn’t it be easier to block, reject and cancel thoughts and images before they feed into my subconscious mind?
This would take a lot less effort and time.
One of the ways I figure out what is acceptable and what is rejectable is based on how I see myself in the future. My future self has what I am aiming for now, and as such she has the new ways I am required to think to get there.
Anything that doesn’t align with my future self is rejectable.
By selecting one attribute to focus on, I get to accept- create thoughts that enhance my view of my future self, through imagination, visualization, intuitive feelings and I get to reject, block and cancel anything that isn’t aligned with the attribute I’m focusing on.
By linking strong emotion into the mental pictures I see of myself in the future creates new pathways to that future quicker.

The subconscious mind cannot reject, it has to accept what is put into it, and it can’t tell what is true and what isn’t, it is the seat of our beliefs about who we are and what we can and can’t do.
Put only the good stuff in, the stuff that serves you, that leads in the direction you want to go.

Today’s challenge is to think about what you know, but don’t put into practice and ponder what feeling you need to have to instill that knowing into your subconscious mind and make it a knowing that you know action and belief without any doubt.

Until next time, follow your intuition, let your authentic self guide you. Do what you know to do.

oxoxo Linda.

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