Unseen Power Governing our Actions

Nature is a chain reaction. One thing follows the other, everything is dependent on something else. The smallest is as important as the largest.”

Bryce Courtenay

Are you plugged into the power source that will take you where you want to go?
Asking for help, and being ready to receive help can plug you into just the situation you want to take you where you want to go.
Having your receiver tuned is important.

Hello, My Friends

We have had a busy week, lots of things happening.

We decided that this last week was a good week to begin redecorating our living area, it is the last room in the house that needs a face-lift.
With Christmas looming, we decided that now was a good time to spruce her up ready for the celebration season.
Hubby and I work well together, we have a little routine going now, each of us knows our roles, and the order we need to work in.
Our living space is small, with not a lot of space to move furniture around. To achieve our wallpapering goals, it required that we move all the furniture from the left of the room to the right hand side.
We busily, cleaned half the ceiling for painting, stripped half the walls for prepping and papering.
Why does it take so few words to describe so many hours of toil?

In the process of removing everything from the walls, we ended up being T.V. less for a couple of days, and internet free for a lot longer.

This weeks post is about the things we can’t see that make a huge impact on our lives.
While I was recording last weeks podcast, my dearest hubby disconnected my life line to my audience.
Panic arose, how was I to get my message across without the wireless energy that conveyed what I wanted to share to those who wanted to listen.

That took a bit of thinking outside the box, learning more about the technology that I already had at my fingertips, but wasn’t aware of or using.

I know we used to do business, and live our lives without the magic of the internet keeping us in touch with everything.
But I miss it, we are still wireless and fibreless for another week, I am grateful for friends and portable wireless modems.

The internet is everywhere, everywhere there is a tower to convey a signal or a cable to connect a space.
We can’t see it, and as such we can’t see the effect it may be having on our physical systems or the environment, until we do.
To access the internet we have to be connected, that connection can be via cable, via a network which is connected to a cable, or over a wifi system which is connected to a transmitting tower.
When we are not in the vincinity of the network our equipment is set up for, we don’t have any connection. Our recievers can not work.

How often do we expect ourselves to do something we want? We might expect ourselves to earn a seven figure income, to weigh a certain weight, to live at a certain address, to be at a certain level in our career, to raise our children in a certain way, to be in a particular relationship status, when we discover that we haven’t plugged into the power source required to complete these tasks, we didn’t ask for the help we needed, we didn’t have the energy, the knowledge, and we end up feeling like a failure.
Then we look at ourselves as if we are broken, because we couldn’t function in a way we thought we should.

I want you to know you are not broken.
My personal opinion is that this one thought, (the thought that there is something wrong with you, that you are broken) causes more pain and heartache than a body needs to bear.
It is my belief that we may need healing, that we may have emotional or spiritual wounds that need treatment, and that we have the ability to heal, and to seek treatment to heal these wounds.
Often we are disconnected from ourselves, we don’t have our internal power source connected.
In essence our Wifi is out.
You carry within you, the seed of greatness, the ability to become the person you know you are.
By looking inside yourself, and acknowledging that at this moment in time your life is not as you want it, you give yourself the gift of truth.
Truth is not always kind, it is not always nice, and it can definitely be painful.
How can you know where you are if you are not willing to acknowledge the pain you are in?

Like our internet outage, we had to acknowledge our pain, (without blame), we have had to think outside our normal situation for solutions, (going through the processess required to call in a technician), we have had frustrations, we have had to go without some things to make other things possible.
Life is like this too, often the solution to the problem we have will not be found where the problem was created, often we get to seek outside help, and that help may take time in arriving.
Stressing and panicking does not help, forming strategies to manage the day to day requirements do, this is constructive waiting.
We have faith that the technician will arrive on the designated date at the pre-arranged time to help us heal our wound of the missing cable wire, and in the mean time it is up to us to create liveable solutions to manage what we do have.

Your challenge for today is to smile at our dilemma, and count your blessings that you have internet access.
What other things are you grateful for having in your life, that you have been relying on without really thinking about? Say a quick thank you to those who have made that possible.

Until next time, tap into your power source, it is deep within you, you have everything you need within you.
Listen to your authentic gut feelings and begin to act on those.

oxoxo Linda.

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