Self Doubt and Insecurity to Confidence in YOU

Do you feel like doubt is your best friend?
It could be. Do you listen to your body when it is feeling doubtful?
Stop running from your doubt, Listen to it, learn from it.
You have what it takes to be confident.

Doubt is trying to tell you something.

Stop running and listen.

Confidence is listening to your doubt.

Then making a decision.

Back yourself.

Hello, My Friends

These weeks keep rolling around way too quickly.

This week I want to talk about the feeling of doubt.
Doubt is an emotion we have when we are feeling insecure about ourselves.

How does doubt show up for you?
For me it begins with a whisper, my brain might whisper to me something like you can’t do that.
Then my body gets involved and I feel the tightening in my chest, then the brain jumps in louder, see you can’t do this.

Sometimes the doubt is transferred from someone else, someone outside of us.
They voice their opinion, or their feelings of doubt.
Which can give us a moment of pause, sows a seed in our mind that maybe they are right.

Doubt shows up in many forms.
Let me share some of the ways I see doubt showing up.
It shows up wrapped in the blanket of insecurity. We don’t believe we can, we are scared we might fail, we are afraid of what we might lose.
When the feelings of insecurity are present, we second guess ourselves, we look to other people for reassurance that what we want to do is viable.

Doubt shows up as suspicion, it doesn’t trust anyone. The belief is that life is out to get us, and we have to watch our back.
So each person in our life is treated with suspicion and doubt until we are sure they are trustworthy. Most often people don’t get to the trusted stage because what you look for, you find.
If you are looking for reasons not to trust, you will find them.
Suspicion also shows up as a nagging feeling that something isn’t quite right. You doubt the words being spoken to you, or from you.
This can be a good thing, it can also limit you.

Doubt shows up as confusion. When you are feeling confusion you are allowing yourself to buy into the story that you don’t know what to do.
The feeling of confusion is unclear thinking, it can be a call for more information, or it can be a call to pass the responsibility to others.
Doubt prevents you from moving into anything new.

How do you overcome doubt? You make a decision, you decide you are going to begin with where you are, and with what you know.
You also know that once you make a decision you give yourself time to make that decision work.
You do not allow yourself to second guess yourself.
Once again what you look for, you find.
If you are looking for reasons to bail on your decision you will find them.
If you are looking for reasons why it is not a good idea to move forward you will find them also.
If you have made the decision to stick with your decision for a set timeframe, say a year, and you have determined that you are going to make it work for you, you will find reasons and ways to make it work for you.

Doubt is trying to tell you something about you, or what you are wanting to do .
It is important to observe the feelings of doubt, look at the story you have around what you are wanting to do and where it comes from, is your story true?
Or why someone is sowing seeds in your life that are not in alignment with what you want.

Doubt can be like a key that reveals to you things that you may have not done well in the past.
Your brain wants you to stay safe, and remember, safe is staying where you are.
By writing out your doubts you may be able to see what the deeper truths are in your life.
Doubt is about understanding you, it shows you a message about yourself that you hold as true, which may not be true at all.
Doubt could there because you don’t know how to feel confidence, or how to feel certain, or how to feel about new things and situations.

As you practice feeling the emotions underlying the feeling of doubt, your confidence in yourself will grow. You will learn how to feel, rather than shut out the feelings, hence shutting down the doubt.
When you know what you know, you do not have doubt.
Learn to trust yourself.

your challenge this week is to write out the scenerio that you are feeling doubt about.
Write out all the people involved, and all the thoughts you have about the scene.
Be honest, let the emotions surface. Do not act on these emotions, be aware of them, and let them sit in your body.
Watch them, then let them go.
Release the doubt you have in yourself, then make your decision based on the information you have, or ask for more information- put a time deadline to this information gathering process.
Then decide to follow your decision without a second thought, or regret.

Try it, this is so freeing. It releases the doubt that can hold us back.

Until next timeā€¦
Face your doubt and move into emotional freedom.


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