Ep #36 Forgiveness- I Love You

Step Three in the Self love forgiveness process.
Do you have trouble letting the things you have done go?
Do you struggle to love the person looking back at you in the mirror? The process of forgiveness accepts you as you are, and creates space for you

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Hello, My Friends

Welcome to Episode 36

Loving yourself is the most important and best gift you can give yourself.
Self forgiveness is one of the greatest acts of love you can extend to yourself.

Forgiving yourself is about you, for you, it may or may not involve the actions of other people.
Self -forgiveness is about you letting go of the pain or the experience that is causing you harm, and pain.
Forgiveness is not about letting anyone off the hook, it is about releasing the invisible emotional cords that bind you emotionally to the person or situation that is holding you captive.
It is about you regaining your power.

The System I use to forgive myself and others has 4 steps to it. I’m sorry, I forgive you, I love you, Thank you.
Step number one is saying I’m sorry, this is where you acknowledge you are sorry, you are talking to your mind, your body, and your spirit.
The purpose is to acknowledge to yourself that you recognise you are willing to do something abourt your situation.

Step number two is saying I forgive you, this is where you are talking to yourself as if you were sitting in the chair opposite you.
We talked about this step last week, as a reminder.
There is never any space for self beat ups in this process. It is about you being open and honest with yourself. You already know how you feel, you are bringing those feelings to the table to be looked at and forgiven.
The purpose of forgiving yourself is to set you free from all the self incriminating thoughts you hold against yourself, for what you did, or did not do.
Stating to yourself, I forgive you, and then accepting that forgiveness from yourself is very freeing.

Step number three, which I want to delve into today is about stating I love you.
Remember this process is about you, and for you. You are always in the seat of power. You get to say what you need to be said so you can be heard.
Imagine you are sitting opposite yourself, you could do this part in front of the mirror, if you are feeling brave and want the most impact from this process.
We have been using the example of not eating healthily, so, to continue on with this.
You have acknowledged to your mind, your body and your spirit that you are sorry for the way you have mistreated your body.
You have asked for forgiveness from your mind, your body and your spirit, you have also accepted the forgiveness offered by your body, your mind, and your spirit.
Now it is time to acknowledge the love you have for your mind, your body, and your spirit.
You could say something Like, “I Love you, “Linda” (Place your name here), I love the way your mind is always planning, always thinking of new ways to do things.
I love that you love eating, I love that you are wanting me to survive. I love that I can breathe deeply and enjoy the food that is laid out before me.
I love the way my body uses the food I eat to generate energy to keep my body functioning. I love the way my body looks, you have done the best you can with what you have been given.
I Love you for that. I love you spirit, you are strong, you guide me in the best way you know how. I love that I am a free spirit, I love that this spirit gives me strength and resilence when times get hard.

You go through all the ways you love your body, and all the things it does for you, even when you don’t want to do anything, you body is still working for you.
Your body loves you, it doesn’t give up on you, it wants you to have be and do whatever you want from it. Your body loves you. Now is your opportunity to love it back.
Seek the one part of your body you like the most and let it know you love it.
You may feel foolish, I can guarantee there is no down side to genuinely loving your body.
Then you move onto your mind, look into your mind, find all the ways it works for you, your mind is always trying to keep you safe. Love your mind for that, love your mind for all the ways it has brought you to this space today.
Your mind is a marvellous piece of equipment and we under value it. It has the ability to change your entire life. Love your mind. Love the way you think, Love the ideas you have, Love your memory, Love you ability to schedule, Love the way your brain organizes.
Love your emotions, they are part of who you are. They are trying to guide you. They are your friends.
Now move into loving your spirit, your essence, your masculinity, your femininity.
Love all the things, that make you, you.

If you are using this process to heal the wounds of situations that were beyond your direct control.
You get to sit in the seat of power and remind the other people involved in the situation what you love about you.
The things the situation gave you, that you can love.
If you are willing to release the people who are attached to a situation, see if you can find something you can love about them.
Part of forgiveness is to break abd heak the spiritual and emotional ties of those attached to the events or situations that keep you trapped.
Choosing to love is a choice you make for yourself. It is a gift you give to yourself, for yourself.

Most likely anyone else involved in the situation is unaware of the effect it is having on you.
Loving yourself is the thrid step in the forgiveness process I use to heal my emotional wounds, to clean out the infected thinking, and to wash out the bitterness and pain.
The great thing about this process is you don’t actually have to have a conversation with anyone else.
The process of being sorry, asking for and receiving forgiveness, then giving and receiving love is energetic, and spiritual.
I love how this part of the process makes me feel complete, whole and perfectly imperfect in my humanity.

Have a fabulous day my friends. Until next timeā€¦
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