Courage to Grow

Do you have the courage to meet the situations on your journey head on?
When a challenge presents itself, it is presenting us with an opportunity to grow, to gain more skills, to become more confident.
You get to choose how you respond to your life.

Inside every challenge is the opportunity for growth,

Inside every challenge is the solution to the challenge,

Some times we need to look with new eyes.

Hello, My Friends

This has been a very enlightening week.
I am finding the truth that the more situations I am faced with, the deeper I am required to go within myself on choosing how to handle them.
This week I have had a situation where someone has arrived on my doorstep.
It has been interesting to watch the emotions that have surfaced for me.

You see I believe everything works in my favour.
Especially the tricky things.
The trickier the situation the more I am required to investigate my motivations, my ‘needs’ and what I want to get out of the situation.
Now, this is a good thing.
Growth comes with stretching experiences.

Have you ever thought you have conquered a fear, or a certain situation? Gave yourself a high five and breathed a sigh of relief and promised you’d never go back there again.

Then a week, month or even a year later, you are facing the same type of situation. It might not be exactly the same, but it is definitely a flavour of the previous situation.
Do you sigh and resign yourself to ‘the fate” of what ever comes next?
Or do you pull up your courage and walk head held high with confidence into the situation, using all the tools you honed the last time it came your way?
Every time you pull up your courage and walk toward the situation, you gain more experience, and more confidence.
Eventually what was a trial and a hassle is not even a blimp in your life.

To me this is growth. It shows me that I am putting the new skills I am learning into life giving practices.

One huge aha moment for me came, when I realised that there really is no Utopia.
That problems cease to be problems as I overcome them, as I learn how to handle my mind, master my emotions and listen to my spirit.
At each level of growth and development is a new set of circumstances for me to overcome.
New areas and arenas for me to conquer, new skills for me to master.
At each cross road I have a choice.
I can choose the path I know, the path that has fewer challenges, and fewer opportunities attached to it. The path that feels safe.
Or I can choose the path that will expand my knowledge, expand my energy and my life style.
To look at the situations that are before me and ask, “What will move me closer to the dream I am aiming to achieve?”
Then build a strategy around what I want, and how I think the situation might help me.

The thing is, you don’t know how you’re going to reach your dream or goal until you have reached it.
You road is your road. You can take advice from those who have walked this path before you, except they have not walked this path the exact way you are. You are unique, there is no-one like you.
The situations you face are yours to face, they are yours to overcome and conquer. And they are yours to celebrate, to revel in the success of having achieved and grown.
You may leave a trail on the path for those who come after you, but there journey is there journey. It will not be the exact same journey as yours.

Back to the person on my doorstep.
They are on a journey that is theirs alone, I can guide and I can impart what I know to be true for me.
However the trip is theirs to take, and they have to take it in their own time and their own way.

Often we expend a lot of energy trying to get people to walk their journey the exact same way as we have walked ours.
We make people feel guilty, or ashamed because their journey is not like ours. (P.S. No-one can make you feel anything without your permission)
We want to help people take short cuts, to push them into what we believe is the ‘right’ decision for them.
The thing is, the situation in front of them is there for them to learn, to grow, to become stronger.
With every empowered decision they make, with support, they get stronger, they learn to trust themselves.

This I believe is the priceless gift we can give to everyone in our lives, and to ourselves.
People are not in our lives by mistake. We have had something to do with allowing them to be here.
If we are not happy that they are in our lives, then our inner work is to figure out what is attracting them. Figure out what benefit we gain from having them around, and then giving ourselves that benefit in a way that makes us happy.

Are you willing to face the challenges head on in your life?
Are you willing to go deep inside yourself to investigate what is really going on?
Are you ready to walk your road, and let others walk their roads?
Are you wanting to create lasting change? To up level your situation?

Contact me Linda Codlin, for coaching, together we can find your way to your goal.

Your challenge for this week is to look at the biggest situation in front of you and figure out how it is working in your favour.
Every challenge has the solution within it. The way we see the challenge can be the block that prevents us seeing the silver lining.

oxoxo Linda.

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