Happiness is… Making Decisions Easily

Hello, My Friends

Personal emotional support is essential for a well lived life. 

Yesterday I asked you whether your emotions were on board with your decisions? 

Do you struggle to make decisions?  

Your conscious mind gathers information from your environment around you. Your five senses are relaying data to your brain. Your brain then relays how it thinks you should respond.  You get to make a decision on whether you will act or not. 

Your subconscious mind- the emotional part of your being-ness.  Also has an input, this is where you run your idea for action past your value system, your beliefs.  Your subconscious mind has already done the risk assessment, and even though we don’t always acknowledge it, the subconscious mind will have the final say in what you end up doing. 

We are all programmed to think and behave in certain ways.  Depending on your tutors input, will determine how you respond.

If your subconscious mind was trained to believe that the world and every one in it are out to get you, to make your life difficult, and are untrustworthy, you will doubt everyone and will be consciously and unconsciously looking for ways you are likely to be ripped off. 

This is part of the reason making a decision can be really difficult. 

If on the other hand your programming says that you’ve only got two choices, A or B if you choose A then you can’t choose B.  The what if’s kick in and your brain begins looking to see which avenue is better, you head off into rabbit warrens looking at all options.  Pro’s and Con’s are listed for both.

You become paralyzed by the fear of making a wrong decision. So you don’t make any, and the opportunity passes.  Not making a decision is actually making a decision. 

These are all programmes that are running from your subconscious mind. They are subtle and are run by your emotions. 

Everything you do, you do for an emotion you think you will receive. 

The trick is to find out what the existing emotion is and replace it one that heads you towards your goal, your resolution and a life well-lived. 

Today’s question is … How difficult is making and keeping a decision you have made?  Why? 

Until tomorrow, put on your investigators hat and get your magnifying glass out, and do some research into how you make decisions, what type of things sway your opinions? 

What type of information do you need to make a decision? 

oxoxo Linda

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