Happiness is… Valuing your past.

Happiness is …

Hello, My Friends

Decisions are the little things our lives are made up of.

At any moment of any day, you are making decisions. You are deciding what to eat and what not to eat. You decide what to wear. You decide on what goes into your environment.

The little, seemingly insignificant decisions can have a huge impact on your future life. 

Those decisions have lead you to where you are today. 

This is great news. It gives you the opportunity to make different decisions. 

All our past decisions are valuable, yes, even the dumb decisions, the dangerous, and the shameful ones.  Each decision of your past has lead you to here. Without each event that has happened in your past you would not be here today. 

What often happens with our past, is we shut the door on it, pretending it never happened. However our subconscious mind, has stored that information and is working from it, to protect us from similar decisions in the future.  Remember our subconscious mind is our emotional mind, and it remembers the emotion of the event that a decision triggers. 

The conscious mind is where those triggers are registered. And the body is where those emotions are felt. It is these vibrations of energy that motivate us to do something. 

Today I want to suggest that by making peace and looking for the value that each of our past decisions have given us, we can move into a future without having to watch our backs. 

Value your past.  Your past has no power over you, other than the power your emotions give it. 

Happiness is valuing the journey that has brought to this point in your life. 

Resisting your past, gives it power to control you today. Burying your past memories, allows the emotions to simmer under the surface.  Past events only have power when we give them power. 

Thoughts are the beginnings of decisions.

Everything begins with a thought.

An emotion begins with a thought. 

A sensation in our body begins with a thought.

An action or reaction begins with a thought. 

Our past is a thought, how we define our past impacts our present and our future. 

Today’s question is… Do you value your past? The lovely and the unlovely memories. 

Until tomorrow, Mull over the thought that by valuing your past you can make peace with it, and reduce the harm it can have in your future. 

oxoxo Linda

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