Happiness is… Embracing your past

Happiness is …

Hello, My Friends

Does your past stop you from living today the way you want to? 

We all have a past. What do you do with your past? 

Is your past pushing you to be better? 

Do you feel you have to prove to others that you are worthy?

Is your past slowing you down? 

Do you feel that you can’t leave the generational history of your family, or culture, or society behind? Is your past keeping you stuck?

Do you feel like you are treading treacle?

Moving in slow motion with your feet glued to the one spot. 

Is you past holding you under? 

Do you feel like you are drowning in the sea of shoulds? I should be a better mum, I should be able to lose weight. 

Is your past suffocating you?

Do you feel that you can’t breathe?

That the expectations of others are smothering you and your talents.

We all have a past.

What you do with your past will have a huge impact on how you live today. 

And how you live today will determine how you live tomorrow.

These three states of being are directly linked. 

What we often do is hold onto the past, like it is a life line that will save us today.

Our past is just that, it’s past. It has been lived, it is now a memory.  If we lived it wisely, it will be a memory that will inspire us into the future.  If we haven’t lived it wisely, it is still a memory that will inspire us into the future. 

How we see our past is our decision.

How we tell the story of the events of the past are also our decision. 

Today’s question is… How is your past impacting you today?

Until tomorrow, think about the questions above. How do you feel about your past? 

oxoxo Linda

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