Discipline: Celebrate your successes

Discipline: Celebrate your successes. Hello, My Friends How much are you enjoying your life?More now I hope, I hope you have been using discipline in one area of your life consistently and you are beginning to see the benefit to you. As I have said numerous times, our emotions are the guidance system to makingContinue reading “Discipline: Celebrate your successes”

Happiness is… Retelling your story to empower you.

Happiness is… Hello, My Friends The past is the past. It is now a memory. The sensations you feel about your past are the emotions you have linked to that past event.  You can rewrite your history. You can rewrite your emotions around any past event.  It will take courage, it will take determination, andContinue reading “Happiness is… Retelling your story to empower you.”

Happiness is… Embracing your past

Happiness is … Hello, My Friends Does your past stop you from living today the way you want to?  We all have a past. What do you do with your past?  Is your past pushing you to be better?  Do you feel you have to prove to others that you are worthy? Is your pastContinue reading “Happiness is… Embracing your past”

Telling Your Story, Your Way.

Writing your story to benefit your future, is, in your hands. Tell your hero’s story. The victor gets to write the story, be the victor of your past stories. Hello, My Friends Do you ever get so excited about something that your words fall out of your mouth before you have a chance to filterContinue reading “Telling Your Story, Your Way.”