Discipline: Celebrate your successes

Discipline: Celebrate your successes.

Hello, My Friends

How much are you enjoying your life?
More now I hope, I hope you have been using discipline in one area of your life consistently and you are beginning to see the benefit to you.

As I have said numerous times, our emotions are the guidance system to making things happen. Every thing we do, we do for a feeling.

Have you begun to feel, your way into a better place yet?

Memories are thoughts of the past, and it’s the emotional feelings that we entwined in and through those memories that give us a physical reaction as we remember them.

If we chose to we could change the emotional patterns around any memory from the past, and that includes in the last few minutes.

Yesterday I talked about the power of thoughts, thoughts conjure up emotions, and it is these emotions we either want to feel, or we want to avoid.

Some times we want to feel the sadness of missing a loved who has moved away, or the loss of some one or some thing dear to us.
These emotions only become an issue when we sit and wallow in them, when we relive them to the exclusion of all else.

The life we are living today is recorded in our brain through emotions, this is why we remember traumatic event so vividly, they are highly charged emotional events.

You can create on purpose positive highly charged emotions for the things you want in your life.
When you do, you’ll find the key to creating what you want, and empower yourself to get up when life knocks you over.

Making space to celebrate is important and in a lot of situations is not included as a normal part of the day.
Taking a few minutes to bask in the feeling of satisfaction of a job well done, to fist pump the air, (this locks in the good feelings) to do a little dance inside yourself as you feel the pleasure of receiving a well deserved compliment, or to pat yourself on the back for following through on your word, with yourself or with someone else.

Celebration is part of the discipline process, it gives you credit when you show up for yourself, it builds trust and evidence in yourself.
Celebrating changing your thought pattern, celebrating your emotions, knowing it is a good thing that you can feel them, it means you are alive and life is within your hands.
Reward yourself.
Make this a challenge for yourself, find ways to reward yourself, without spending money, without using food or drink, without expecting gratification from outside people or things.
Reward yourself in ways that don’t have the sting of regret with them. Make them emotionally pleasurable, and repeatable.

Today’s challenge is to Celebrate yourself. Think of one thing you did well today and celebrate it.

Until tomorrow, Be aware of all the things you do well, feel the good emotions and lock them into your memory for instant recall when things get difficult.

oxox Linda

As a life coach it is my intention to help you to live your best life, every day.
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