Discipline: Action is required for change

Discipline: Action is required for change.

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Thoughts create sensations in our body, which our brain interprets as emotions, and these emotions have a direct impact on our activities.

Also the cycle goes the other way, if we are mindful and make deliberate choices.

Our actions have an impact on our emotions which then changes the way we feel about things, which can change the way we think about things.

Music is a great tool to get the energy moving, which also gets the body moving and gets you feeling better.

Action is required for any thing to change.

Action is usually associated with doing, by doing I mean things we can see, hear, smell, taste and touch.

If it doesn’t look like we are doing some thing physical, we are often accused of not doing anything.

Meditation, where you quiet your mind for a few minutes, is action. And it is surprisingly difficult.
When ever you change your mind, or your belief you are doing some thing.
When you use your will power to not do something, or to encourage yourself to do something, you are in action.
When your body is vibrating with an emotion, and every fibre in you wants to react in a way that is not helpful, and you choose not to, you are acting.

Action isn’t only what we see on the outside, action is all the decisions we make to do or not do things.
Just because it isn’t visible doesn’t mean it isn’t happening.

Now, I want to say that eventually all internal actions become external actions.
The fact that you didn’t respond is now an external action, or if you did respond that too is an external action.

All our internal actions show up in our external world as results.
To get the results you want, you need to know what you want.
Then you need to be able to see it clearly in your minds eye, mix this with emotion and you are on your way to achieving your goal.
Note all the steps that need to happen to get it from your minds eye into reality, and then begin to create.


FAITH is the ability to see the INVISIBLE, to believe in the INCREDIBLE, to receive the IMPOSSIBLE.
Read that again.
See in your minds eye, believe you can created it and then make it happen.
Your incredible vision comes into the realm of possibility. What once wasn’t, becomes because you dare to believe, act internally and externally.
Results are what everyone else sees, after you’ve done all the work.
Not all action is movement.

Today’s challenge is to re-evaluate your view of action. Do you give yourself time to do the inner action, that produces all the outer results.

Until tomorrow, give yourself a bit of time and space to think, to gather ideas. You need to create a creative haven for your ideas.

oxox Linda

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