Ep #2: The way we do something is as important as what we do.

Welcome to Authentic Living Coaching Podcast, I’m your hostess, Linda Codlin I am a certified life coach, and the founder of Authentic Living Coaching.I am passionate about helping people to help themselves.It is my intention that each and every one of us has the information to make the best decisions about the way we chooseContinue reading “Ep #2: The way we do something is as important as what we do.”

Discipline: Action is required for change

Discipline: Action is required for change. Hello, My Friends Thoughts create sensations in our body, which our brain interprets as emotions, and these emotions have a direct impact on our activities. Also the cycle goes the other way, if we are mindful and make deliberate choices. Our actions have an impact on our emotions whichContinue reading “Discipline: Action is required for change”

How to Shake the Shackle of Procrastination.

Hello, My Friends What do you do to get yourself out of a funk? Do you have a routine you follow when life has knocked the wind out of your sails? This week I have found life doing what life does best, it keeps on trucking on, no matter how I’m feeling about what isContinue reading “How to Shake the Shackle of Procrastination.”


Action or Inaction … You are only one decision away from taking charge of your life. Make one great decision, over and over until you get, the results you want. Hello, My Friends This week has been inspiring, I have been having interesting conversations that are stretching my thinking. Isn’t it wonderful that our brainContinue reading “ACTION- I ACT ON”

The Month of Self-love. Week Three

Hello, My Friends Have you ever been talking about something you thought you had mastered, and wham, life rears up and kicks your butt. Just to remind you that it’s not as sorted as you thought it was. This week has been a week of solidifying and putting into practice the things I believe toContinue reading “The Month of Self-love. Week Three”