Ep #2: The way we do something is as important as what we do.

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Hello, My Friends
The way we do, what we are doing, is as important as the task being done.
What I mean by this is the energy and attitude you do your tasks in, is vitally important.

Let’s say you’re on a weight reduction journey.
You have your plan, you have your will power, you have your desire and dream.
You go through your home eliminating all distractions, removing all the “bad” foods from your pantry, your fridge and all the other hiding places your favourite snack food has been stashed.

You’re all ready, you begin with great gusto.
You stick to your plan rigidly and you feel good about yourself.
Weigh in day, and the scales are kind.

Three days later, a stressing situation happens, you use all your will power not to purchase any off plan snacks.
Feeling great, you decide to reward yourself with a tidbit of something close to plan.
Then the guilt and self reproach sets in, your mind goes wild reminding you of all the previous eating plans you have been on, and failed to adhere to.

Now you’re determined to work out to shed the perceived extra kilos gained.

You punish yourself, berating yourself, reminding yourself how bad, and stupid and irresponsible you are.

You may actually beat yourself into shape, you may be a slender body, but there is no harmony within yourself.
If you are like a lot of thin people who have starved, over-exercised, or chose other unhealthy ways to become, and maintain slenderness, you will not be feeling very happy with your body.

The way you release your slender self, is to begin to work with yourself.
The way you manage your weight reduction energetically and emotionally, will be how you live once your goal is achieved.

It is my belief that your body speaks to you all the time.
Your body tells you when it has eaten enough.
Your body tells you when it likes what you are eating and when it doesn’t.
I’m not talking about your taste buds, those are trained to like the foods you eat.
I’m talking about when your nose wrinkles at the smell of a particular food cooking, If your nose doesn’t like the smell, why would your body like this food.
If you feel bloated after eating, notice what you were eating.
Take a few minutes to hold food in your mouth, to savour all the flavours.

How you prepare your food, and how you eat your food, is all part of the energy of eating.
Being relaxed when eating helps your digestion.

Exercising as a form of punishment, may feel good at the time. (A hard workout can be very satisfying) but you know the true reason you are punishing yourself.
Are you running to compensate for the extra food you are eating?
Are you using weights to prove to others that you are strong, and a force to be reckoned with?
Why you do something is as important as what you are doing. You cannot feel good about a result that was generated from a place of self-loathing, fear, lack or punishment.

I want to suggest that you begin listening to your body. Not your brain, Your brain wants to stay the same, it doesn’t want you to change. So it will tell you a lot of stories, with the purpose of keeping you in your safe box.
Your body will tell you what you need, do you know your body’s signal for true hunger, (compared to emotional hunger)
Do you know your body’s signal for rest, your body is made to move, it is also made to rest and getting these in balance is important?
Do you know your body’s signal for inspiring information?
Your body tells you what you are feeling, what emotions are moving through your body. If we listen our body will tell us everything we need to know for health and well-being.

And it will be unique to you, what suits my body, may not suit your body.
The type of food you were raised eating may not be what your body needs any longer. The fun part of this journey is to discover what is your unique and genuine way of living in your body.
I can help you to be a detective in figuring out what suits your body best.
The way you treat yourself on the journey, will affect the way you feel about the outcome.
There is no happy ending to an unhappy journey.

Together we can build your self-image, and create a weight management plan that suits your body, from the inside out.
Creating a loving relationship with yourself will give you inner peace and harmony.
This is my desire for you my friend, that you will live your life to the fullest with delight and pleasure.

oxoxo Linda

Have a fabulous day my friends. Until next timeā€¦

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