The 2 C’s of Self Belief.

Be Yourself, YOU are ONE of a KIND.

Two humans are completely different from each other.

Comparing them is like insulting nature.

Nitin Namdeo

Why are you trying so hard to fit in,

When you are Born to Stand Out.

Oliver James

Hello, My Friends

This week has been a wonderful week, we have had a few frosts, which always lead into beautiful days. I have been discussing confidence with my ladies. And in line with this months theme of challenging norms I thought I would share a little of how damaging comparison is to our self-esteem.

Comparison is a kind of judgment. When we are purchasing goods or services, comparing similar products and services makes sense. We want to use our financial resources wisely. We want to get the product or service that will serve our needs best, and we want to ensure that the retailer is legitimate.

People when you compare yourself with other people, the tendency is to look at others when they are at their best, while you are not.

Social Media is great for inspiring you to up-level your belief about yourself. If any one person on Instagram or Facebook or Twitter can do anything, so can you.

Do you choose to feed your mind quality images and thought foods?

What goes into your brain will come out in your actions if you don’t take time to make a deliberate choice on how you want to use those images and thoughts.

Comparing yourself when you are in a funk with people who have spent hours getting dressed ready to face a camera is not good for your image of yourself.

Every-one, All human beings, have days when they would rather stay in bed, when they don’t want to get dressed, or they don’t want to do what has to be done.

The disciplined people have a routine or a series of habits they perform every day regardless of their emotions. They know that actions will help to overcome a funk. They know they are worthy of showing up for what they have planned.

Confidence is dressing to show yourself who you are. Remember you get to decide who you are.

Who are you?

When you compare your life with some-one else’s life, who is ten years ahead of you on their journey, you will find they will be in a completely different space. The secret is to hold space for yourself, imagine yourself with love and acceptance where they are, knowing that their life is not perfect, there is no perfect, there is now and your intent for the next minute.

Comparison sucks the life out of you, it makes you think and then feel that you are not as good as the one you are comparing yourself with.

STOP comparing, if you must look at where some-one else is in their lives, use it as a way of blessing them, send them great energy vibrations. What you send out will come back to you. This way you are not blocking the radiance of who you are with jealousy. All jealousy is, is an emotion that is showing you that some-one has something you think you want. Holding onto jealousy will never bring that thing you want, (that you secretly, or not so secretly believe you are not good enough for.) to you.

Comparison and jealously are emotions that reduce the feelings of gratitude. They take away the contentment of what you have and place you in the feelings of lack and scarcity, of what you don’t have. And often don’t believe you will ever have.

You are your greatest asset. I say this all the time, you have the ability to learn, to grow and to become anyone you want to be.

If you see someone in a business like the one you’d love to be running, know they didn’t start there, they also had to grow, they had to find the strength and courage to wrap their confidence cloak around themselves, face their fears and walk into the unknown to make it to where they are now.

If they can do it, you can do it. Begin, research, ask questions, talk to those you admire, ask them how they think, ask them what it took for them to become who they are today.

Remember your thoughts will have an effect on your self-belief, which will affect your actions.

It is your actions that create the results that other people see. As your results increase you will become some-one, that others will compare themselves to. Be a worthy mentor. Be a worthy signpost leading others to their goals with love, joy and harmony.

The secret to harmony is to be at peace with yourself, and to never, ever, compare your journey with anyone else’s.

Journey’s may cross paths, they may run side by side, but a journey is an individual thing, just as confidence is an individual thing. Build your confidence by never comparing yourself with anyone else. Always ask yourself, did I do my very best today? Be honest with your answer, and step up tomorrow with the intention of doing a little better. Talking a little kinder to yourself or others, showing up for your schedule, for your children, or spouse. And always showing up for yourself.


Until next time, eliminate comparing yourself with others, and begin to reward your self with praise and gratitude for what you have, who you are, and what you are doing well.

oxoxo Linda

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