The things we believe.

Have a go at some thing you were told you are no good at, you just might surprise yourself. Allow yourself to be terrible at it until you get better. Hello, My Friends I’ve had an interesting week, looking at the underlying thoughts of what I believe to be true. As I have mentioned already,Continue reading “The things we believe.”

How to Shake the Shackle of Procrastination.

Hello, My Friends What do you do to get yourself out of a funk? Do you have a routine you follow when life has knocked the wind out of your sails? This week I have found life doing what life does best, it keeps on trucking on, no matter how I’m feeling about what isContinue reading “How to Shake the Shackle of Procrastination.”

The unwelcome guest.

Hello, My friends, This week, I would say has been an extremely long one. You know the kind. You have lots of things you could be doing but you don’t actually want to do any of it. That was me. Procrastination had moved in, he had unpacked his bags, and was getting pretty settled, encouragingContinue reading “The unwelcome guest.”