The things we believe.

Have a go at some thing you were told you are no good at, you just might surprise yourself.

Allow yourself to be terrible at it until you get better.

Hello, My Friends

I’ve had an interesting week, looking at the underlying thoughts of what I believe to be true.

As I have mentioned already, I am doing one challenge everyday leading up to my sixtieth birthday. I am documenting my successes and my failings on my private Facebook page.

Well, for as long as I can remember I have been told, or at least I got the feeling that I couldn’t draw. Actually the catch phrase I used was, “I can’t draw to save myself.”

I decided that part of this challenge was to challenge these insidious beliefs about myself, so I You tubed drawing for beginners. I am amazed how easy it is to roughly sketch items within my home. No, they’re not perfect, and they’re not supposed to be.

Also part of this challenge is to demystify the believe that my world will fall apart if I don’t live a perfect life, or do things perfectly. One of the things I have been learning is it’s okay to fail.

Learning it through a study, or in a book is quite different to applying it.

In the book you don’t have the real, failure thoughts and feelings to contend with. In the book there is no judgement about what is good enough and what isn’t. In a book failing doesn’t have the potential to knock the stuffing out of your being, or the wind out of your sails.

In real life, perfectionism has the ability to stop me from doing what needs doing immediately. The fear of failing and getting it wrong will immobilize me from beginning, or continuing, or completing any given task, job or opportunity.

The upside for me, is I’m tenacious. Once I set myself a challenge, I will work at it diligently, it may take some time, with a few stops, and false starts, but I usually accomplish what I set out to do. That is why this 60 days to sixty challenge has been so important to me. It keeps me focused on growth, pushing at the things I once believed were impossible for me. I have faced fears, chased a few dreams, have deliberately avoided the usual things that I use to appease my emotions, like exercising- this has been harder than I thought it would be.

My choice has been to be kind and love myself through my failures, and my successes.

I find it interesting that as I have challenged certain areas of my life that have kept me in chains emotionally, that areas of my life I thought I had sussed and hardly ever had to think about have fallen over. Things like a tidy home, the house feels so cluttered of stuff, everywhere I look it seems like things are out of order.

It is true what they say, “Your environment is a three dimensional vision board.”

My house is the reflection of my emotional state, and when I’m growing into the next developmental stage of growth it shows up in my environment.

What about you? Does your environment reflect your real self, or is it a mirage of someone else’s opinion of who you ought to be?

What assumptions about yourself have you taken to be the truth? How can you test these assumptions safely to see if they are true and real?

What would your greatest challenge for yourself be? What steps can you take to begin, to overcome procrastination?

Procrastination is a tool, it is a guide that tells you what is really important for you to do. If the thing didn’t matter, it wouldn’t matter whether you did it or not, and it wouldn’t matter how well it was done.

For procrastination to lose it’s power, we get to look at what is driving it. Who are you trying to impress? Why do you want to impress this person? When did you begin to need to impress this person? What do you believe you will lose if this person isn’t impressed? What is likely to happen if you fail? What is likely to happen if you succeed?

Procrastination is a mental protection device, and you have the override key.

For me procrastination is always wrapped in fear. What is your emotional brand of procrastination? Are you able to sit with your emotions around the task you are putting off? This is where the freedom lies, in recognizing the emotion driving the lack of focused action. My brand of procrastination has me busy, very busy, doing all the non-essential things, that won’t get me where I want to be.

Everything we do, we do for the FEELING we believe we will gain from what we do.

CREATE the FEELING on purpose in ADVANCE.

This is the key to unlocking the thoughts that block you from believing you can do, have, and be whatever you really want, and are prepared to sacrifice for, there is always a cost and sometimes the cost is leaving the familiar behind.

Until next time, look at procrastination as a friendly mental guidance feature of your incredible mind, and instead of fighting it, allow procrastination to guide you emotionally through why you are resisting the task that needs your attention.

oxoxo Linda

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