Respect: Books, podcasts, media feeds.

Respect Hello,

My Friends Treating others with respect shows your attitude to yourself and to them. 

What makes you decide to trust and respect one person over another?

  Your gut instinct? Your experiences from the past? Your ability to ‘read other people’?

Do you respect those who have or can help you? And what of the rest? 

Do you respect those who have proven themselves to be trustworthy? 

What if respecting others came from you? 

The things within your personality, and psyche that you like and also the things you don’t believe you can achieve. 

You admire someone for doing what you believe you can’t. 

If you were to allow these people to be your inspiration, to be your guide, to encourage you when you want to quit. 

Then the respect you have for others will be of value to you. And in turn of value to others. It’s a closed circuit loop. 

Often we respect people from afar, not allowing them to touch our lives, just in case they actually rub off on us.

Who knows who we could become if we were to begin to believe what they believe and to do one or two of the actions of those we admire. 

Awareness is key: Begin by looking at the books you read, the podcasts you listen to, and your social feed, with these it will be easy to tell what are important to you.

What are these saying about you?  Do they create self-respect within you? 

Are they creating new neural pathways in your brain, to greater aliveness within you? 

What you deem important you respect? 

What is on your respect list?

What do you deem to be important enough to influence your beliefs, your thoughts and your actions?

Your everyday is created by the people you let influence you, their energy has an impact on your energy. 

Respect those things whose energy instills love, grace, and inspires you to be a better version of yourself today, than you were an hour ago. 

Today’s question is… What does your social media feeds say about what you respect? 

Until tomorrow, cast an all seeing eye over your environment and investigate the books, movies, media infeed and your feed to see what someone else will see is important to you.

Is this an accurate representation? 

oxoxo Linda

As a certified Life Coach, I help you to help yourself, so you can create a well lived life your way. 

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