Respect: The rule book of life.


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Moving into treating others with respect.

What are the behaviours we do that show we respect someone? 

As I mentioned yesterday, we use our pleases and thank you’s, we ask politely, we wait until something is offered to us, instead of grabbing and pushing in. 

The golden rule states, “Do unto others as you’d have them do unto you.”

This is sound advice when both parties are on the same page, and is valuable when choosing to show someone respect. 

As I stated a few days ago, we can’t respect others beyond the point of where we respect ourselves, and this is where the golden rule comes unstuck. 

So what is respect?

It’s the genuine attitude of caring about other people and how they feel. 

Often we are taught this attitude, so well, in fact, it becomes a noose around our own necks, we put the feelings and needs of others ahead of our own. 

We can easily be caught in the snare of people pleasing, and exposing ourselves to manipulation by those less scrupulous. 

It is my belief that when we have a healthy respect for ourselves and our needs, and fill those needs in appropriate ways, ourselves, we become more open to helping and serving others from free will, rather than through guilt, or manipulation. 

This is when we fulfill the golden rule. “We do for others what we are already doing for ourselves.”

The energy that comes from respecting and valuing yourself first, gives you genuine strength and caring for others.  

Respecting yourself keeps you grounded, so you don’t get wrapped up in other people’s dramas. 

This leads into respecting the rules of the environment and culture we are in.

While we were young we were taught to follow the rules without question.  Now that we are adults we have a duty to investigate each of these rules, to ensure they are still valid for today’s society and for our personal values. 

What was acceptable behaviour within a family and society fifty years ago is no longer acceptable behaviour.  Often conflict occurs when our values and rules haven’t been upgraded, or societies values and rules have been down graded. 

Generations struggle to respect each other, because each one has views are set firm. 

When we respect ourselves first, we are comfortable and confident in who we are, and we are able to look at situations from various points of view. Adjusting or standing firm as needed, without it being a power struggle. 

Today’s question is … How has the golden rule shaped your view of respect? 

Until tomorrow, Think about how the golden rule, of “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” has influenced the way you treat yourself and the way you treat others. 

oxoxo Linda

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