ABC’s of Respect


Hello, My Friends

Today, I want to introduce you to the ABC’s of respect. 

We use respect in many different ways every day. 

Today I want you to spend a few minutes pondering how you use the value of respect in your everyday interactions with other people. 

I would like to suggest using your manners to say ‘Please, and Thank You’ is showing respect.  Opening the door, or stepping aside to allow someone to walk ahead of you is showing respect. 

I have compiled a list of the ABC’s of respect. You can use this as a template for writing your own values of respect. 

A – Authenticity

B- Bravery

C- Cheerfulness

D- Deciding

E- Empowering

F- Forgiving

G- Gracious

H- Humility

I- Interested

J- Jovial

K- Kindness

L- Learning

M- Mindful Manners

N- Neatness

O- Outspoken

P- Personable

Q- Questioning

R- Relationship focused

S- Sincerity

T- Trustworthy

U- Uniquely You

V- Valuable

W- Worthy

X- X-citing

Y- You Turn

Z- Zealous

So, what would you put on your list of ABC’s of respect. 

Share your list in the comments below. 

Today’s question is… List your ABC’s of respect. 

Until tomorrow, write your list of attributes you think of when you think of respect, and share your list with us. 

oxoxo Linda

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