The Month of Self-love. Week Three

Hello, My Friends

Have you ever been talking about something you thought you had mastered, and wham, life rears up and kicks your butt. Just to remind you that it’s not as sorted as you thought it was.

This week has been a week of solidifying and putting into practice the things I believe to be true.

It is when we are under fire and duress that our true beliefs surface.

This is a good thing, you can not heal what you can not feel. “Negative” situations usually have a pearl of wisdom deep on the inside. This week I have been pearl hunting. Looking at my triggers and the underlying beliefs that give them life.

At the beginning of January I began to write daily about my journey to self-love, the lessons I have learned. We are into week three. I’m sharing them on Facebook. Look for me @authenticlivingwithlinda or @lindacodlin25.

I began this week of the month of self-love looking at our gifts and talents. YOU ARE ONE OF A KIND.

There is no-one like you, you are the only one to have experienced your life your way.

You have something unique to share that no-one else can. You are the only one that will touch the lives of certain people, without you and your story, told your way, some will miss out on vital information that only you have.

With the gifts and talents that we have been given, we also have been given the abilities to use these to there greatest advantage.

You can read more on Day 10 of The Month of Self-Love @lindacodlin25.

There is one thing that is deadly to self-love.

It is something each and everyone of us has been a party to until we learn not to be.

This one thing is deadly to implementing our unique gifts and talents.


Comparing ourselves to others, comparing our ideas to the ideas of other people.

Comparisons quickly feed into not being good enough, or worthy enough to catch your dreams and put in the action to make them reality.

When we compare ourselves to others we never compare ourselves favourably, we either put others on a pedestal, and think they are better than us. Or we put ourselves on a pedestal and think we are better than others.

The truth is we are all humans, on a very human journey. We are all the same, we all have fears, we all have insecurities, we all have doubts.

The only comparisons we should ever make is with ourselves by asking, “Am I better today than I was yesterday?” and your answer will determine what your next move will be.

If you are going to strive, strive to be the best that you can, at being yourself.

Self-love is all about discovering the real you, the one you keep hidden for fear of being judged, for fear of being compared and coming up short.

Have the courage to look at what you love, and add that to your daily life.

Have the courage to accept you, all the human aspects of your life. You have strengths and weaknesses like every other human who walks this earth.

The freedom to be yourself comes when you learn to accept who you are right now.

The art of accepting yourself as you are, creates a space in your heart to allow you to be safe and look at what is really driving you to do what you do.

Self-love is built on the ability to accept you, read more on Day 12 of The Month of Self-Love: Facebook page ‘authenticlivingwithlinda’ or look up ‘lindacodlin25.’

Part of loving ourselves is loving our environments. The art of being at home. There are three aspects I cover.

  1. Our body and health
  2. Our living spaces
  3. Our connections with others

On days 12, 13 and 14, I talk about style and how our style says so much about us, without us having to say a word.

Style includes the way we treat our bodies, and how healthy we are, Style also involves the clothes we wear and the way we wear them. Style is about the way we carry ourselves and care for ourselves. It’s about knowing who you are and owning yourself.

Self-love is all about giving yourself the best. Give yourself the best posture, walk tall, stand straight, sit elegantly, with poise.

Own your own space, make it yours. Command yourself with confidence, let others know you are there by the way you move and own yourself. When you walk into a room be assured you are worthy, you have what it takes. Style is about your attitude, let yours be positive and confident.

Work with your body, and your body will work with you.

Body and health within the topic of self-love can become the sole focus, for change.

Remember if we are going to create permanent change we start with our thoughts, our thoughts dictate our feelings which dictate our actions.

Also our actions can change the way we feel, and think.

It is a self perpetuating cycle, one reinforces the other.

We need both aspects to create permanent change. Without action you are sitting in the same space you were before. Without changing your thoughts you will continue to do the same actions you were doing and so get the same results you have always got.

This week read the daily entries, do the challenges and give yourself the gift of love and life improvement.

Discover who you really are, let your authentic self out of the box you’ve been hiding in and continue on your journey of SELF-LOVE.

Until next week my friends, I hope to see you everyday this month, be true to yourself.

Linda Codlin.


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Self-Love is within you.

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Self-Love is knowing you are enough.

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