Action or Inaction

You are only one decision away

from taking charge of your life.

Make one great decision,

over and over until you get,

the results you want.

Hello, My Friends

This week has been inspiring, I have been having interesting conversations that are stretching my thinking. Isn’t it wonderful that our brain and thinking are not set in concrete.

This week hubby purchased an old table and chairs, it is his intention to restore them to their former glory. The table is scratched and scarred, it looks like it has seen many meals and conversations up till now. Imagine if it could talk what would it tell us. It could relay plans that were hatched, stories of sadness and joy, would it have been party to confidential goings on in the dead of night? Would it tell of romances blossoming and family meals of laughter, arguments and strong disagreements about politics and religions?

The table will carry all these secrets to it’s final days, never actually telling us of the joys and sorrows it has witnessed.

What is an action, when it is not in motion? It is a thought or an idea that is being worked on. An action is a noun, it names what is or has been done, or accomplished. Action names the cause and effect of a behaviour, it describes the activity that is being done to accomplish an outcome.

I’ve been thinking about action and inaction. Can we ever be in a state of inaction?

If we are not choosing to behave in a certain manner by intent, are we not behaving in another, or allowing someone else to determine how we act. Whether we choose or don’t choose to act we have still chosen. Action or inaction is a choice we make, even when we procrastinate until the decision is ‘made’ for us, we have still made a choice.

This gets a bit hairy, if we take this thought through to its end, everything we do and don’t do comes down to a decision we make or don’t make. By not choosing we have made a choice, by putting off doing what needs to be done, we have made a decision, by confronting some one or some thing head on we have made a decision.

The upshot of this is I am always responsible for my action or inaction. Everything that happens in my life is in direct relation to what action or inaction has been taken. Now it may appear that I am saying that you asked for all the things that happen in your life. I’m not, some things are beyond your control, people behave in ways that affect you when you least expect it. What you do have the ability to take responsibility for, is your part in the event, and how you will allow the event to manifest in your future. You get to choose the action or inaction you want to take.

Action is the deed or gesture taken, it is the activity, or the process of doing something. We are always in the process of doing something, as humans we never stop, our heart is beating, our lungs are inhaling and exhaling. And when they’re not we’re in trouble.

As humans we are in a constant state of motion, our heart pumps our blood around our body, our conscious mind and subconscious mind are in a perpetual state of movement.

How do you choose to take action? Do you leave the decision making up to others?

Why would you do that? What is the benefit you are getting from letting others make your decisions for you?

Action is the anagram of I ACT ON.

What do you act on? What makes you take action in any area of your life and not other areas? This is a sure fire way of discovering your values. You will always stand up for your core values. It may take a bit of pushing from people outside you for you to push back, it is in the push back that your value will be found. Ask yourself, when you push back. Why is this important to me? What is being violated? and keep on asking these questions, writing down the answer, and keep going deeper. Once you have found one of your core values you will have a reason to take action. To make an informed decision.

I ACT ON is an affirmation. This week in my authenticlivingwithlinda Facebook page I have been covering the Perspective Spectrum of affirmations.

Write out your value, then add I ACT ON in front of it. For example, I act on honesty. I act on freedom, I act on beauty, I act on humility.

Authentic living with Linda is based on wisdom and truth wrapped in every day events. My affirmation could be I ACT ON Wisdom. I ACT ON Truth. I ACT AUTHENTICALLY.

Then my choice would be to run my decision, thoughts and actions through the filter of I Act …. and make the necessary adjustments to my behaviour to fit the affirmation.

Not easy to do in the heat of a conversation, or when I’m tired and want to cut corners to finish up sooner.

Your challenge for this week is to look at where you take action or inaction. Do you like the results of your action or inaction? What would give you better results?

You and only you have the ability to alter your actions, or inactions in any given moment.

You can do a YOU TURN at any time you want to.

I can help you turn your actions or inactions into choices that will make a difference to the results you see and feel.

If this has resonated with you, and where you are on your journey, please leave a comment, like or share it with your friends.

xox Linda Codlin


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