Radars and Transmitters all go!

What you put out you get back.

Check your transmitter is in top working order

Check your sending signal is strong and accurate

Check your authentic self is sending the signal.

Hello, My Friends

I’m trusting this is finding you safe and well, with all the unrest in the news at the moment, it is easy to get distracted and drawn into energy draining conversations.

Do you ever feel like you are treading water?

You are doing the same things, in the same way every day.

Do you feel inferior to others around you, like you’re quite as good as they are? Or do you feel a little superior, like there is no way you’d ever do what they did?

This week I have noticed a theme in the clients I have spoken to.

You are a perfect being!

Let me say that again, You are a perfect being, you have been created perfectly. Your being has everything it needs.

I have been hearing how broken you think you are. You are not broken. You never have been, nor will you ever be broken.

When you are watching the television, and it suddenly goes snowy and hazy. What is your first thought. Oh no! the TV’s on the blink. You flick through a few of the other channels to see if they are working, they’re not. You may put a DVD on to see if you can get a picture. That works.

What are you doing? You are problem solving, You are doing exactly what you are supposed to be doing.

You follow the wires on the TV making sure everything is plugged in correctly, you turn the TV off and on to reset it. Still it is running all hazy and snowy. You check on a TV in another room and it is the same. You figure it must be the receiver aerial that is not picking up or transmitting the signal from the transmission tower.

You are a perfect being. You are not broken, your finances are not broken, your relationships are not broken.

What is broken is your radar, and transmitter. You have been receiving false signals.

These false signals have masqueraded as truth.

The way you see yourself and believe yourself to be, determines what you do, the vibrational signals you send out into the Universe and this determines the results you get back in your life.

How much time are you spending in the past?

How much of your thought energy is being spent on remembering and rehashing the past events of your life?

You can not relive those events, they are past, gone. The only thing you can relive is the emotional response you have to your perception of the event.

What if I told you there is a way you can reframe those thoughts and emotions, would you want to let them go?

Often you are so attached to the events of your past, they are the story of who you think you are. you have wrapped your identity up in these events. Let me tell you, they are not you. They do not have to define you. You can choose to define yourself from your future and the things you want for yourself.

You are a perfect being.

Repairing your radar and your transmitter will give you a better signal of who you really are.

It is my belief that each one of us knows instinctively who we are.

We know who we are and who we are meant to be, every now and then something sparks that feeling of knowing deep within. This gives you a twinge of not being enough, it gives you a twinge of how ‘broken’ you think you are.

This twinge is the door to change. It is the door to moving steps closer to the person you know you are.

You see, when we were born we were born perfect. We have everything we need to grow within us, we have the ability to generate love and affection in our parents, we are vocal when we have a need and we expect that the need will be met. We are confident. We are not concerned with how we look to others, we are not afraid to try new things, we are willing to trust. We have no fear. We are perfect spiritual energetic beings.

Your perfection is still within you. You were given a seed, you are a spiritual energetic being, your spirit or energy connects you with the seed you have been given. All your life in one form or another you have been trying to find ways to let this seed come to light.

Repair the radar and transmitter, allow yourself to tune into your energetic vibrational self.

You are perfect, by changing the channel you are tuned in to, you will begin to change the results in your life. You will move away from drama, you will erect safety barriers around you, and only the things you want in your circle will be allowed in, and all the things you don’t want will be allowed to leave. You will feel the health return to your body, as you make decisions from a place of loving yourself.

As you begin to choose to live, you will find the shadows of death leave.

Where there was darkness and cold, the light and warmth will appear.

Where there was mistrust and judgment, trust and acceptance will reside.

Where there was fear and scarcity, you will discover love and abundance.

You are perfect.

Allow me to be part of your journey to peace and freedom, to life and transformation.

Allow me to help you repair your radar and transmitter.

Clarity and truth are waiting to be released from within you.

You are perfect, and you have a seed of greatness within you.

Until next Time

Seek to unleash the spirit energy within you, move towards your authentic self.

xox Linda Codlin

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