Witchy Warts and All.

Begin where you are,

Begin with what you have at hand,

Begin even if it’s not perfect,

Begin, improvement is at hand.

Hello, My Friends.

Sunday was Mother’s Day in New Zealand. I had the pleasure of having young grandson aged 9 to stay. He came with his electronic games. It’s been years since I was behind a controller, mastering the art of looking at a screen and working the arrows, triggers and knobs, which took a bit of time to get the hang of. We were playing a split screen so I could see where he was, this didn’t help a lot, until I saw him behind me and witnessed my life bubbles disappearing.

Finally by the end of the weekend I was beginning to get the hang of the game and the ability to move around. Young grandson still had to take the controls from me to get me to safety when the zombies and wolves were after me. He also had to build a shelter, and feed me. Goodness without his experience and knowledge I would have perished more than I did.

Isn’t that the way of life, there is always someone with more experience and knowledge who knows how to get you out of a sticky situation. These people may be older, or younger. They may not look like you or act like you. The secret to being helped is allowing people to help, being open to the fact that some-one may just have the answer you need and it doesn’t come wrapped in the way you think it should.

This month on my Facebook page I’ve been delving into affirmations, it’s fascinating what a difference a few well spoken words can have on a point of view. I decided that a videoed affirmation a day would be a great way to encourage others. It would also be a wonderful and ‘simple’ way to begin speaking into the camera.

Oh my! I have a such an active brain, who decided I’d gone mad. Why would I ever want to put myself in that position?, then it began the usual tirade of self doubt, “You’re not good enough.” What do you know about videoing?” “No-one will see it.” “You’ll be laughed at. ” it pulled out all the old things that would have kept me stuck and paralyzed with fear, but I’m onto my brain now. I know my brain is only trying to keep me safe, to protect me, I know it doesn’t like doing scary and unfamiliar things.

On my first attempt, I set up the computer and recorded 15 or so takes, I sucked. I got to see all the unconscious movements I made, from rocking back and forth to frowning. I forgot the words, forgot to look at the camera, was so nervous my voice sounded unlike me.

Imperfect Action to the rescue. It is now part of my motto to take imperfect action. Imperfect action is the cure for procrastination. I breathe and do it anyway.

Feeling pretty proud of myself, I’d done it. On about day three I’m playing around with the lighting, recorded my words and sent my little 30 second or so clip off into the big wide world of the web. I asked hubby to have a look at it and tell me what he thought. Looking up from his crossword, he glanced at me blurted out, “Did you know you have a pimple on your nose. “(Tact is not his forte.)

Oh My Goodness, I dash off to the bathroom, yes he’s right. Right in the middle of my nose was a iddy biddy pimple, but to me it might as well have been a huge witchy wart. “Everyone will see it.” Brain overload, catastrophizing every where. “It’s the end of my videoing career.” “It’ll be so embarrassing when everyone sees it.”

Did I feel like quitting? Yes.

Did I feel like covering it up with make-up? Yes.

Did I do either? No. Authentic living is about being authentic to me. Warts and all.

And now you all know about it, see if you can spot the two days it’s obvious.

When life doesn’t go according to plan, How do you act or react?

When you’ve made a decision to do some thing, and the curve balls begin flying at you. Do you plan a forward strategy and carry on? or do you give up and crawl back into your tiny cave of ‘safety.’

I figure with my daily recordings, that I will get better. I will relax eventually and appearing in front of a camera will become more natural and familiar. Eventually those seeing it will see the real me. Apparently the camera me is still a bit stiff and starchy when compared with the real life me.

Why am I sharing this? Life doesn’t run smoothly, there are always obstacles to overcome, life will throw us pimples on noses, it will give us flat tyre’s in the pouring rain, we will face scary things, and we will have to make choices on how we respond to these things.

When the WHY of what you want is strong enough and compelling enough, you will pass right through and out the other side of whatever trial you were facing, continuing on your journey. The event that could have stopped you becomes the stepping stone to more confidence, and greater things. It becomes another arrow in your quiver.

Until Next Time

Keep stepping forward into your authentic self, follow your heart and move through whatever obstacle is in front of you.

PS. Affirmations help.

x0x0 Linda Codlin

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