Happiness is… Retelling your story to empower you.

Happiness is…

Hello, My Friends

The past is the past. It is now a memory.

The sensations you feel about your past are the emotions you have linked to that past event. 

You can rewrite your history.

You can rewrite your emotions around any past event. 

It will take courage, it will take determination, and it will take love. 

You can choose to feel whatever you want to feel about your history. The winner gets to tell history from their point of view.  You are the winner. 

A few hard truths. 

To rewrite your past so it serves you as inspiration for your future, you have to let go of whatever benefit you are gaining from that past event. 

So you say to me, “I don’t get anything out of this event, except pain and sorrow.”

My reply would be, “Really, you don’t get attention, money, health care, pity, vanity.”

There are many ways we benefit from our past stories.

Our subconscious mind, has been holding onto this feeling for a long time, maybe.  We can use our story as an escape clause for bad behaviour, “It’s okay she had a rough upbringing.” “We make allowances for his temper, he was raised with a violent parent.” “Poor, her, She lost her mother when she was young.” We can use our stories to cover up our true emotions.  Bottled emotions only ever cause harm. Bottled emotions are vibrational energy that isn’t being expressed safely. 

If your history makes you feel anything, that doesn’t feel good. I ask you why? Every situation no matter how ugly, how bad, or how depraved can be used to create.

Part of my coaching is to work through the triggers and emotions that hold us invested in keeping our past stories alive.

Everything is nothing, until we make it mean something. 

Think about that. 

Everything is nothing. Until we make it mean something.

Money means nothing until we make it mean something. 

Love means nothing until we make it mean something. 

History means nothing until we make it mean something. 

Everything is nothing, until we make it mean something. 

Today’s question is… What am I making my past mean about me?

Until tomorrow, whenever you think about a situation that makes you feel bad, sad, or mad.

Ask yourself, “What am I making this mean about me?”

oxoxox Linda

As a certified Life Coach, I help you to help yourself, so you can create a well lived life your way. 

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