Happiness is… Inner Peacefulness

Happiness is…

Hello, My Friends

Releasing the past emotional ties, frees you to make decisions today that promise to create joy and purpose in your future. 

I can’t say it will be easy, or that it will be a one and done deal.

What I can say, is the freedom to make decisions based on who you want to be rather than on who you think others want to you to be is liberating. 

It opens the doorway to feeling inner peace.

A kind of happiness that isn’t reliant on any outward circumstance, or any other person or event. 

This is the happiness I desire  for you.

It is a bit like having a purpose that keeps you grounded.  Even now, when the world around us is in so much turmoil, the inner peace of knowing who you are, and that you will be okay, gives you stability. 

This peace, is what happiness is to me. It keeps me from being tossed around by the emotions and vibrational energy that is swirling everywhere. 

Happiness is peacefulness. 

Do you have an inner peace? This peace is inside you, it does not come from anything outside of you. 

Do you remember us talking about the small encouraging voice that whispers to you? This is the voice of your inner peace. 

It will never yell at you.

It may be like a small child tugging on your shirt, encouraging you to go a different way. 

It may nag at you, whispering, prompting you to follow your true hearts desire. 

It may encourage you to stand up for yourself, when the bullies of life are trying to manipulate you to fulfill their needs at your expense. 

It may encourage you to be quiet, and not speak when every fibre of your body wants to yell, rant and rave. 

It may suggest that you do your normal activities in a different way, at a different time, or in a new place. 

Your empowering peaceful voice always wants your highest good. 

It will give you strength when you don’t think you have any.

It will give you courage to be true to yourself. 

It is in the peacefulness of being yourself that you will have unshakeable happiness. Joy from deep within that no matter what life or people throw your way, you know you have what it takes to thrive. 

Today’s question is… Do I listen to my empowering inner voice?

Until tomorrow, be still and hear your empowering inner voice, what is it saying to you? Are you brave to follow it? Let me know what happens in the comments. 

xoxox Linda

As a certified Life Coach, I help you to help yourself, so you can create a well lived life your way. 

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