Discipline: Decision Paralysis

Discipline: Decision Paralysis Hello, My Friends Do you know what you want?Most of us do, we want so many things. What are you prepared to do to get what you want?What are you prepared to give up to get what you want? If you can’t get what you want, from where you are. The implicationContinue reading “Discipline: Decision Paralysis”

Happiness is… Valuing your past.

Happiness is … Hello, My Friends Decisions are the little things our lives are made up of. At any moment of any day, you are making decisions. You are deciding what to eat and what not to eat. You decide what to wear. You decide on what goes into your environment. The little, seemingly insignificantContinue reading “Happiness is… Valuing your past.”

Happiness is… Getting your emotions on board

Happiness is … Hello, My Friends What inspires you? Such a great question, what was your answer? Conscious mind is the deciding mind. The conscious mind is where your reasoning takes place. This is where your New Year’s resolutions come from. Your mind has been collecting data, listening to you talking about all the thingsContinue reading “Happiness is… Getting your emotions on board”