Happiness is… Getting your emotions on board

Happiness is …

Hello, My Friends

What inspires you? Such a great question, what was your answer?

Conscious mind is the deciding mind.

The conscious mind is where your reasoning takes place. This is where your New Year’s resolutions come from. Your mind has been collecting data, listening to you talking about all the things you ‘should’ be doing.  It has been looking at the statistics of your actions, and figuring out if you continue on the path you are on, it won’t have the ending you want. 

So a resolution is born. 

This is the year I’m losing 10 kg.

This is the year I’m getting fit.

This is the year I’m getting my degree, or finishing the study I started last year. 

This is the year I’m finding my true love. 

This is the year I’m saving $10,000.00 dollars.

Your conscious mind sets these wants up and begins to make them happen. 

Body is mostly willing to go along with the plan. 

What the conscious mind didn’t count on was the resistance from the subconscious mind. 

Subconscious mind is the emotional mind.

The subconscious mind, is where all the past experiences of losing weight, getting fit, doing the study, finding any sort of love, and working with money all hang out. 

For the conscious mind have any form of victory, it must have the support of the subconscious mind.   For happiness to abound, the emotions have to be involved. 

What usually happens is we aim to be happy, by decision alone. We don’t want emotion to be part of the equation.

Emotion is messy. Emotion doesn’t always feel good. 

So we cut out and bury the emotional side of ourselves. 

Today’s question is … Are your emotions on board with your decisions?

Until tomorrow, investigate where you are with your New Year’s resolution. What are your emotions telling you?  Are they on board with your decision? 

oxoxo Linda

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