Respect: Dismissive Silences


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Continuing on with the ways we can shut other people down, when they share an opinion we don’t agree with or a belief that we don’t like.

Do you wave your hand and swipe the words away?
Often our body will show what we are actually thinking. This movement could be a subconscious action.

Waving your hand is an outward motion of dismissing what someone is saying.

Being dismissive tells the other person that what they are saying is not important, that their view point does not matter.
This dismissive behaviour creates the belief or touches on the belief that is already held, that I’m not important, I’m not valued, I’m not worthy.

Being dismissive shows up as a form of control, it takes away people’s confidence, makes them second guess their thoughts, and opinions.
Contradicting, arguing and constantly inferring that the other person is “just looking for attention, are exaggerating the situation, or are unable to solve the simplest problem.” these are all ways of dismissing the feelings of another and do not show respect.

This is emotional abuse, and both of these people would benefit from learning better ways of expressing themselves.
Dismissive behaviour tells people that they are not good enough to be a part of the conversation, that nothing they have to say will be of benefit to anyone, and the dismissive person feels they are more superior than any one else.

If you are in this situation of being dismissed, silenced and put down.
You have the power to walk away, your opinion is valuable, share your wisdom with someone who values you.
You get to control your thoughts, and when you feel less than happy, it is time to reevaluate the relationship you have, firstly with yourself, and secondly the other person.

Should you be the person who is dismissive, become aware of how you speak, watch the body language of other people as you speak to them.
Have you ever wondered why you’re not the most popular person in the room? People do not enjoy being with those who disrespect them.

Today’s question is… How do you dismiss the opinions of others?

Until tomorrow, Watch, with interest the conversations of those around you, can you pick when someone is being silenced by a dismissive wave of the hand?
Being aware is the beginning of change. What does the body language of the dismissed tell you about how they are feeling?
Ask yourself who you identify with most, the dismisser, or the dismissee?

oxoxo Linda

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