Discipline: Disappointment & Self-punishment

Discipline: Disappointment and self punishment

Hello, My Friends

Did you brush your teeth with your non-dominant hand?
What did that feel like? Weird huh, we’ve been brushing our teeth for years, and yet when you put that little brush in the other hand it feels weird.
What were some of the things your brain told you about yourself?
Did you get the spiel that this is stupid? Why are you doing this?
Did you berate yourself for not be better at it? Did you feel like you’d failed and switched back to the way you normally brush your teeth?
Did you laugh at yourself and feel the discomfort of trying something new?
Maybe you decided that you’d add brushing with your non-dominant hand to your routine, knowing that what you often you get better at.

Share your experience in the comments below.

Today I want to talk about punishment from the point of view of your inner self.
Often we feel we ‘should’ be better than we actually are, this sets us up to feeling disappointment with ourselves.

Expecting perfection, and feeling disappointment and self disapproval when we don’t reach it.

Then we run through all the negative self talk, reminding ourselves of all the other times we have failed at attaining perfection.
We punish ourselves, with more promises of being better, we punish ourselves with whatever flavour of self loathing is our go to.
Which may look like exercising, or eating, baking, housekeeping, working, hobbies, volunteering, doting on children, or spouse.
Anything to distract us from the feeling of not being good enough.

Self- punishment is the worst type of punishment. It is you beating up on you.

When someone else punishes you, you get to walk away. With self punishment, you are with yourself 24 hours in every day.
And you get to keep score against yourself, remembering every detail of every time you miss the mark.
How are you supposed to support yourself into succeeding with anything, when you have so much self punishment running your life.

Self-punishment is a personal thing, you know how to cause the most harm to yourself, and the back to front thing is you begin to enjoy it and accept it as your normal.
Self-punishment is not normal, you can learn a better way, if you are willing to let your disappointment and disapproval of yourself go.

I want to suggest that celebrating your wins, would be a better way of treating yourself. What you focus on grows.

Today’s challenge is to go for a walk around the block, look for the beauty in your neighbourhood.

Until tomorrow enjoy the beauty that is around you, seek out fresh flowers and enjoy their daintiness, their fragility, their scent, and their openness.

oxox Linda

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