Discipline: Fear verses Love

Discipline: Fear verses Love.

Hello, My Friends

We have a couple of ways we can look at discipline.
One is the way I grew up looking at it.

Being disciplined was something to be feared.

Being disciplined meant I was about to be punished, or I was about to lose something I valued.
This form of discipline had me living in fear.
I wouldn’t try anything new, I made sure I did everything to the very best of my ability, which created a spirit of perfectionism within me.

I had to appear to be the best, to know the most, hold my life together and be in control of everything.

All this gave the appearance of a woman who was organized, and disciplined.
The truth was I lived in fear, fear that I would be found out to be a fraud, fear that the illusion would come tumbling down and everyone would know who I really was.
Discipline was something that came from outside me, that someone else dictated to me.
Yes, I got a lot of ‘stuff’ done, but I wasn’t happy or satisfied.

Are you like I was, does the very thought of being disciplined bring up feelings of fear, depravation, disappointment and shame?
Then I hope that this month will help you to feel confident that you are able to be disciplined for yourself, by yourself.

I have discovered that being disciplined is an attitude I have about myself, for myself. It stems from loving me.

Being a disciplined woman, is a gift of love I give to myself.
Discipline from love, gives the feeling of freedom, enhances your natural talents and skills, creates true control and allows you to live in your authenticity.

As we learn about how to create discipline from the inside out, it will release a lot of the fear, frustration, insecurity and self-disgust that may be keeping you tied in knots.

Until tomorrow, have fun with brushing your teeth using your non- dominant hand, feel all the emotions that this small action stirs up, write them down.

oxoxo Linda

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