Discipline: Perfectionism is an illusion

Discipline:Perfectionism is an illusion Hello, My Friends Perfection is an illusion. We fall into the perfection trap when we believe that we can only earn love, acceptance, appreciation and many other emotional needs. We are taught unwittingly, I believe by those raising us, that when do something they like, then we get rewarded.That reward mightContinue reading “Discipline: Perfectionism is an illusion”

Discipline: Fear verses Love

Discipline: Fear verses Love. Hello, My Friends We have a couple of ways we can look at discipline.One is the way I grew up looking at it. Being disciplined was something to be feared. Being disciplined meant I was about to be punished, or I was about to lose something I valued.This form of disciplineContinue reading “Discipline: Fear verses Love”

The Month of Self-Love Week One

Self-Love is owning our story , lovingĀ ourselves through the process, and is the bravest thing that we’ll ever do for ourselves. Hello, My friends This week has flown by with bicycle rides, and sitting in the shade of the trees on the river bank watching the speed boats race, smelling the fuel and having ourContinue reading “The Month of Self-Love Week One”

Expressions of Love

Respect is one of the greatest expressions of Love Miguel Angel Ruiz Photo by Mohammad Gh on Unsplash Hello, My friends, This week we have been confronted with shocking violence and fear, strength and hatred, also love and vulnerability. It has been a time for reflection and confrontation. I believe everyone regardless of colour, religion, ethnic background, genderContinue reading “Expressions of Love”

Seeds of Hope, Love and Trust.

One of the greatest of all principles is that men can do what they think they can do. Norman Vincent Peale Hello, My friends, First up, I want to thank all those people who are providing essential services. “Thank You, without you the food and health services would be a complete shambles.” My husband andContinue reading “Seeds of Hope, Love and Trust.”

Be My Valentine Everyday!

Hello, My friends, How was your Valentines Day? Did you spend time with your significant other? Did you make time to celebrate with your friends? My hubby and I had dinner with my brother and his wife, we shared great food and excellent conversation. We also watched a movie that was on our love toContinue reading “Be My Valentine Everyday!”