Discipline: Internal & External controls

Discipline: Internal & External Controls

Hello, My Friends

Do you feel in control of your life?

Most of us at some stage in our lives have the feeling of being in control.
And all of us have felt the feeling of being out of control.
That may look different for each of us on the surface, but inside we all know the feeling of not having the power to control all the things we want to control.

Today I want to look at control from the outside, external controls, and the inside controls, internal controls.
There are many things, external things we can not control, and it is a waste of our energy to try.
These are things like the weather, other people’s actions, life events that sweep us along for the ride.

However, we always have control over the internal things.

When we look at discipline, many of the forms of control are external.
You must do this thing, this way or else.
The definitions of discipline we spoke about a few days ago, are all based on external behaviours.
And they are usually set by someone else other than ourselves.

What we do have control over is the way we react and respond to these controls placed on us.
When we decide that we have the power to choose how we show up in any moment of time, we take our control back.
The discipline I want us to live into is self-discipline. This form of discipline is more difficult than controlling the external things around us.
It is more than changing habits, creating new behaviours.
Self- discipline is internal, it is based on your thoughts, your feelings, your emotions.
This is the place where true control and power lives.
When we can control our inner selves, we can control how we interact with the world around us, and this changes the dynamics of everything.

I want you to think about an area you want to gain control over, what is it you want to master? The situation, or the way you handle the situation?
What if you could handle yourself in the situation? If you gained control over your reactions to the situation would that change your feeling around it?
This is internal discipline and it is a life changer.

Today’s challenge is to stand at your main entrance and look into your residence, what do you see? Look at it with the eyes of someone coming to your home.
Does it create joy in you?

Your challenge for today is to make your main entrance enjoyable to enter.

Until tomorrow, create a mini beauty spot, somewhere you feel pleased to enter. An oasis for you to return to.

oxox Linda

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