You are the creator of everything.

You create,

Every something that you want is a potential creation

Every bit of resistance you feel, is the messenger of some thing you don’t want, or that you do want and don’t believe you can have.

You create.

Create your plan to get the life you want.

When you read that title what was your first thought.

In my history, I’d read it, roll it around in my mind, and kick it out with a, “yeah, right. “

I didn’t like what I was creating, so it was easier to toss the idea out rather than have a look at it.

This week I’ve been upgrading a few of my daily activities.

One of these is how I drink my water. A simple task huh, nope not really.

Last week I talked about resistance and how resistance was the pointer to show us what we don’t want. Well how I drink my water fell into the resistance category. It’s not the water drinking part, it’s what the water was in. The tumbler I was using. This tumbler is orange, it’s plastic, and it holds 500mls of water. What I like about this tumbler is, I only have to drink 4-6 tumblers to get my daily water intake. What I didn’t like was the plastic, and how drinking from this tumbler made me feel.

I determined I would change the tumbler to a glass, I decided on a beer handle type glass, because it would hold the amount of water I required, it was glass, and it would withstand a lot of use.

Hubby and I went to the local store to source what I wanted. They had small ones, but no large size glasses. I was determined I knew what I wanted, and nothing else would do. While we were looking, I picked up an ornate, beautifully crafted crystal glass. I loved it, it felt perfect in my hand, the weight of it was just right, the size was smaller than 500ml, and it didn’t have a handle. I loved it. I showed hubby. Now all you ladies know, that when you give a man a mission, he is focused on that mission. This beautiful, ornate glass did not fit the specifications I had given to my hunter, gatherer man.

I put it back on the shelf, and proceeded to talk myself out of it. It was out of my budget range, it didn’t hold the right amount, I had other glasses that held that amount of fluid. (I noted that none of these comments were personal about me, that’s a celebration right there.) We left the shop, and moved onto the next and the next. Nothing, we found nothing that matched what I said I wanted. The internet had what I wanted. Only now, I wasn’t so sure I wanted what I’d said.

One of my values is to create beauty, and to follow my authentic self in creating that beauty.

What should I do?

Follow my authentic self. I have created a budget, tied this beautiful, ornate crystal glass to a goal I am working on achieving, and placed it on my I want and I’m going to have list.

The resistance I had around drinking from the orange plastic tumbler was the instigator of further enquiry into what I wanted. What I thought I wanted didn’t have the emotional feeling of luxury and beauty that the glass I found did. Since everything we do, we do for the feeling we think we’ll gain from doing the thing, or in my case having the thing. The feeling I want is for me, is to have beautiful things to feel special and spoiled as I use and appreciate the items in my home.

What do you feel resistance to? What is this resistance trying to get you to investigate? What don’t you like about the situation, place or thing you are resisting? What would feel better? What would serve your values and purpose better?

These are valuable questions to ask yourself, especially when something feels off, or not quite right. When you are dragging your heels. Or can’t make up your mind.

This month we are looking at discipline. I know, it gets such a bad wrap. However discipline like resistance can be one of your greatest tools of self discovery.

If I hadn’t learned to listen to what my inner self is telling me about what I want, and to not make it mean something about me personally, my mind drama would have stopped me in my tracks. I wouldn’t have felt the discomfort of not liking the way I was drinking my water, I wouldn’t have started the process of finding what I thought I wanted, and along the way discovering what I really wanted.

And by linking the feeling of beauty, luxury and desire to a goal I’m working towards, I have given myself the opportunity to motivate and reward myself further.

It is my hope that you will begin to see how you create everything in your life.

That you will see, in the above illustration, how resistance to something I didn’t like, created the opportunity for better thoughts for finding what I did want. And it’s in the wanting of the feeling, that I am creating the future life I want, today.

All the situations in your life are working towards giving you the life you want.

Are your current situations serving you? How can you align yourself more to want you think you want?

Until next time, tune into your authentic self, listen to your inner self, and begin to create a life that you love, one decision at a time.

oxoxo Linda.

As a certified Life Coach, I help you to help yourself, so you can create a well lived life your way. 

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