Discipline: Pain vs Pleasure

Discipline: Pain vs Pleasure

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Everything you do, you do for the feeling you believe you will gain from the doing of it.
Everything you purchase, you purchase for the belief that it will give you pleasure, or reduce some form of pain.

Everything you have, you have because you believed it would give you some feeling of relief.

How many exercise programmes do you have in your home? What was the promise that they gave, the hope that you had that they would make you?
What about diets, how many diets have you been on? What was the feeling you wanted to gain from them?
The car you drive, what was the feeling it gave you?

We either move towards pleasure or we move away from pain.

In my life, I spent the lion share of my life moving away from pain. Emotional pain.
The sad part was I had no idea that was what I was doing.
I honestly believed, that if I was thin, I’d be more loveable.
If I was the best housewife, and kept the house spotless, I would be appreciated.
If I raised my children to follow the doctrines I would be a good mother and I would be acceptable.
I believed that owning a home would give me security.
I spent money on things that I believed would make me feel more alive, more beautiful, just more.

In each of these cases I was moving away from an invisible pain. A heart ache that gnawed at me.
My pain was that I was not worthy, and only by having, and doing could I earn the worthiness I was seeking.

We either move towards pleasure or away from pain.

Moving towards pleasure creates way more joy, peace, and harmony.

Your focus becomes on what you want, rather than what you don’t want.
Moving away from things that are harmful to your well-being is wise, and our brain is wired to seek out danger to keep us safe and alive.
This is the reason we see the negative, the things that may go wrong, the things that may cause us pain first.
Our brain is trying to keep us safe.

Today’s challenge is to open your kitchen cupboard, pick one dish that brings you joy.

What thoughts do you have around this dish? What are the memories that are embedded in this dish?
Who gave it to you? When did you get it? What was your initial feeling when this dish came into your possession?

Until tomorrow, What you focus on grows, focus on the pleasant things in your environment.

oxox Linda

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