Discipline: Resistance & Rebellion

Discipline: Resistance and Rebellion

Hello, My Friends

Today I want to talk about resistance and rebellion.
When you feel like someone is imposing their will on you, with their rules and regulations. Do you resist or do you rebel?
There is a subtle difference between resisting and rebelling.

Resisting tends to be more internal, whereas rebelling tends to be external.
It is normal for people to resist and rebel against the rules that they perceive to be restrictive.

For me, I was a “good girl” I lived in the shadow of the religious beliefs I grew up in, I believed what I was told.
On the surface anyway. Underneath I questioned, and as I voiced those questions, I was shut down.
My need for conformity at the time was greater than my need for freedom.

We are were we are, and that is okay.
And when it’s not, we make a different choice.

Rebellion is the tension between staying the same and growing into something you want more.
Discipline tends to be viewed as something that is happening to us, and for us to move out of the reach of this ‘discipline’ we have to stretch.
The stretching process is the tension, and often those who are percieved as disciplining us, label this tension and breaking away as rebellion.
Which gives rebellion a negative slant.
The two year old throwing a tantrum is stating in the only they know how, that they are not happy with what is being asked of them.
As adults we may not throw a tantrum quite so obviously, but we do resist being told what to do.
Resistance is the inward feeling of “I’ll show them.” and it may show up as being passive aggressive, in the way you sabotage or drag your feet.

Self- discipline can feel like you are being told how to live, and your rebellious, resisting self crosses your arms over your chest and stamps your foot, stating “make me”.
Which creates conflict.

Most of us don’t like conflict, so we back down, or we dig in. What we often don’t realize is that this is part of the process of growth, we learn how to handle the feelings in a way that serves us, and we move either forward to what we want, or we stay where we are, until the pain of staying the same becomes unbearable and we have to change.

Today’s challenge is to drive to work or home from work a different route.

Do something you don’t normally do on the way home, slow down and enjoy the trip.

Until tomorrow, think about how you either rebel or resist rules that are placed on you.

oxox Linda

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