Discipline: Not good enough vs Worthiness

Discipline: Not good enough vs Worthiness.

Hello, My Friends

Life is for living.

Are you living yours?

Or are you marking time, waiting?
What are you waiting for?

I was waiting for some one to rescue me. I wanted the knight in shining armour to whisk me away from all my problems.
My greatest problem, I believed at the time, could be solved by some one other than me.
I was the spectator of my life, I was doing, oh so busy doing.
However the doing was never enough.
It was like I had to prove myself to everyone. So I was running on the treadmill of parenting, of wifeing, of keeping house.
Every thing I did, I did to try to prove I was worthy. Worthy of love, worthy of the lifestyle I wanted, worthy of being.

Discipline was part of my problem, I could never be as disciplined as I wanted to be, I would always fall short of perfection.
In my mind discipline was some thing done to me, not for me. And certainly not for myself, by myself.

Today’s message is, you will never be good enough so long as you are striving to please other people.

It’s like you are walking out of step with yourself.
When this sinks into your soul, that you are enough, right now, as you are.
You are enough with all your problems, with all your emotions, with all your fears, with all your lacks.
You were born worthy. Worthiness is your birth-right.
We were sold a lie and we believed it. We were sold the lie that unless we behave in a certain way we are not good enough.
You are good enough, you always have been.
No-one is coming to rescue you, No-one can solve your problems for you.
You have all the answers deep within you. They have been hidden, trampled, and squashed in your need to find approval from some one outside of you.

Being disciplined is about uncovering, feeding, and re-inspiring those answers from deep within you.
You are good enough, you are lovable, you are worthy, you are special, you are YOU.
There is no one in this entire Universe like you. You are a one of a kind person.
Begin to nurture you.

Today’s challenge is to stop scrolling, read and think about an inspirational quote.

What does it mean to you as a worthy person?

Until tomorrow, think about your worthiness, notice all the baggage that is surrounding you. This is where you begin to unpack all the beliefs that you’ve been sold and stored.
If you are ready to walk into your worthiness, message me for a coaching session, my details are below.

oxox Linda

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