Discipline: Glass belief and Self-sabotage

Discipline: Glass Beliefs and Self-Sabotage

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We will never be able to do what we really want to do, have or be, until we shift the way we see ourselves.

If we see ourselves as being only a factory worker, a gardener, a service attendant when our soul desires to be a business owner, a beautician, or a doctor, then we’ll never be anything more than how we see ourselves.

Now, if your soul loves to work in the garden and you feel satisfied and fulfilled gardening, then you have found your niche.
My point is we often hold ourselves back, we don’t believe we can be, have or do what we really want.

Self-sabotage is about your glass beliefs.
We each have glass beliefs, beliefs we can’t see.

These beliefs keep us living smaller lives than we are capable of living.

How self sabotage works is, we set ourselves a lofty goal.
It might be to lose weight.
However we’ve never been able to keep the weight off permanently, this is the glass belief.
Until we change the way we see ourselves we will always bump against the glass belief.
Creating ways for us to prove that the glass belief is true, that we can’t keep the weight off.
Then we spiral into the story of not being good enough, not disciplined enough, or never being able to be slender.

To combat self-sabotage is an inside job, it begins with your belief and moving that belief into alignment with your goal.
What we, as humans tend to do, is we work out a plan of action and use force and willpower to make it happen, and it does.
We gain some traction for a while, we lose the weight, we feel uncomfortable and then slide back to the comfortable and familiar habits.

We just hit the glass belief about who we are.
The only way to create lasting results is to break the glass beliefs, to move your image of yourself beyond what you currently believe is possible.

Remember everything we do, we do for the feeling we think we’re going to get from doing the thing.
The feeling is the glass belief.

Today’s challenge is to Investigate your past self-sabotages.

What have you tried to do and not yet succeeded at long term?
Where do you feel you let yourself down the most?

Until tomorrow prove to yourself you are worthy of what you want, by allowing the disbelief to rise to the surface of your thoughts.

If you are wanting to ovecome your self-sabotaging tendencies, connect with me for coaching, my details are below.

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