Discipline: Self-sabotage is an inside job

Discipline: Self-Sabotage is an inside Job

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Self-sabotage is an inside job, it is something we do to ourselves, not intentionally.

Often we find it difficult to understand why we continually undo all the good work by doing things that cause us to falter.

Everything begins with a thought, even self-sabotage.

The one thing that will prevent self-sabotaging behaviours is to investigate what you are thinking.

We have two lives. One is our inner life, of our thoughts, feelings and emotions.
The other is our outer life, of our actions, reactions, and results.

These two lives are directly linked.
Our actions and results are the proof of what we have been thinking, and feeling.
So when we alter our thoughts, and feelings we alter our actions and results.

Often what we do is we decide to change a result, by changing a habit with our actions and forget to change the thought and feeling that motivate and direct the action.

Discipline is an inside job, it begins with your inner life.
It is only when you begin on the inside with your thoughts and feelings will you see lasting change in your outer world.

The outer world and the inner world create a self perpetuating loop.
The action of the outer world produces evidence that supports the inner world, and the inner world builds the structure for the outer world to work to.

When we are breaking the cycle of self sabotage, beginning with the inner world, supported by the outer world, creates lasting success.

The work of self-discipline is in working with the uncomfortable feelings and thoughts that hold you captive to your glass beliefs.

Today’s challenge is to sit in the sun, feel the warmth on your back, and know you are okay.

Until tomorrow, enjoy the results of your thoughts. Everything you have today, is the result of yesterdays thoughts and feelings.

oxox Linda

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