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Repect in leadership

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Being a leader is being focused on the things you have direct control over.
Often we drift off into other people’s territories.
When we micro manage those in our charge, we create an environment of frustration.

To be a dynamic leader is to set the standard, communicate the expectations clearly and concisely.
And to ensure everyone in the team is set up for success.

What is the point of having a team, that you have been given charge over, with set objectives to achieve, to then sabotage people, in subtle ways that undermine the position they have on the team.
Respect is giving people clear direction and then allowing them to do what they do best.
This type of leading also frees you up to focus on the tasks that are yours to complete.
By training and giving your team the power to do what needs to be done, you release and reduce your stress factors.
If per chance one of your team members is failing to follow through and report as is the standard, this then becomes your cue to have an honest conversation with them,
This conversation is not to judge or point condemning fingers, it is to investigate where there is a missing link in the conversation.
Maybe the team member didn’t completely understand, or maybe they don’t have all the tools they require to complete the task that has been assigned them.

Communication is the key, and action to rectify any missing links.

Also a dynamic leader may have to let a team member go, if they are not up for the task.

Giving people the power and the tools to complete their assigned tasks creates harmony for all members of the team.
As the leader, you set the pace and energy for your team. Remember people are human, they have lives outside of the project.

Inspect what you expect, have check in meetings, be in charge and allow your team members to be in control of their tasks.

Today’s question is… Are you a dynamic leader? Set up your team to succeed.

Until tomorrow, investigate if you are micro managing your team. What is the atmosphere when your team meet together?
Is this atmosphere conducive to getting what needs to be done, done well, with the least amount of resistance from your team.
Why make things harder than they need to be. Respect is leading in a way that generates success in all team members.

oxoxo Linda

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