Stepping Forward: 60 and Beyond.

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Feel the best you can feel at any moment.

Life is yours to live,

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Be who you believe you can be, no comparison.

Hello, My Friends

This week is one of those milestone weeks. I have my sixtieth birthday this week.

With this impending celebration looming, it has got me thinking about the massive shifts within myself, I am not who I was, 30, 20 or even 5 years ago.

Some would say, I am always as I have always been, just in a more authentic form.

Looking back at my youth and parenting days. I look at the beliefs I held as true, that defined the way I thought and acted. The amount of pain I inflicted on myself and others.

It is as true for my yesterdays as it is true for my tomorrows, that I attract who I am.

The underlying belief we have about ourselves and the world around us, is what attracts everything to us.

As I’ve mentioned before I had a mental belief that I was broken and needed fixing.

Hubby and I was watching a movie the other night, where the hero was filled with self infatuation, good looks were everything to him, and when those good looks were taken from him, he struggled with his identity. For me growing up I believed I was the ugly duckling, I didn’t believe I was pretty, I struggled to find any good thing about myself.

If you are living in this space, I can vouch that it is not true. You are beautiful, there is some attribute about your physical being that is beautiful. Remember; everything is nothing, until we make it something. What are you making your physical features mean about you? Does this make you happy or sad? Choose to make your physical features mean something that makes you feel better, while on the road to happiness and self acceptance.

You see the belief that I wasn’t good enough, kept me, not good enough, it kept me from trying, failing and succeeding. It tainted my entire view of who I was, which coloured the way I did or didn’t do everything. Just as my belief about myself does now. My current belief colours the way I see myself, and the way I show up for myself, or not show up for myself.

The best part of this journey is, I get to decide, if I don’t like my results, I get to change the input.

I am learning to be a little happier with myself and my situation in every moment.

Where I am today in my growth, I think that life is supposed to be fun. Fun and living can complement each other, and as they do, life becomes a little more pleasurable.

For the 60 days leading up to my sixtieth birthday, I have been doing one challenge every day. These challenges have been to help me stretch myself, to discover what I enjoy and what I like. I have challenged myself to look at the activities I do out of habit. Asking myself, ‘where did this habit come from?’ ‘Does it feel good to me now, did it ever feel good to me? ‘ If the answer is yes I like how the habit or the result of the habit makes me feel, then I kept it, if not I changed it. It’s not easy to shift habits that have been active for a long time, as you know. Any way I have learned a lot about myself, my past beliefs, my current beliefs and the beliefs I want to integrate into my life moving beyond sixty.

My question to you is, “What beliefs do you want to integrate into your life moving forward?”

Think on these things. Think on the character traits you want.

Think about how an organised person would be thinking about the things in their space and how they would use their time. Study decluttering, tiding, and cleaning systems. Use them, tweak them and make them work for you.

Study time management, and the principles of using your energy flow to increase your productivity, wealth, health and happiness.

What ever it is you want in your life, bring it to life in your thoughts, and your emotions. Feel how good it is to have it. Remember every thing we do, we do for the feeling we believe we will gain from doing or having the thing we want. AND we can create this feeling, before we have the item we want.

The secret to this is, in your emotional feelings, the sensations your vibrational body picks up. When you feel a little better than you did before, you are creating fabulous vibrational energy which makes you feel fabulous, creating an upward emotional spiral.

Back on topic. What are you currently believing about yourself that makes you feel bad, sad, hurt, anxious … You can list your default emotion here? Then flip it over to find the opposite emotion and begin to think on that emotion and how that would feel.

It is my intention that you can have the life of your dreams now, without falling into the pits of self doubt and being stopped by the road blocks of unfounded beliefs. If I can make a shift from negativity, and scarcity, any one can, including you.

Today can be the day that shifts the way you see yourself. Ask your self what do I want? What do I really want? Sift through all the things you’ve heard others say would be good for you, all the things that you think you want because you’ve been told that life is good over there. The only thing you are required to think about with these wants is that you like why you want them, that they resonate with you.

If you want money, why do you want money? Is it personal to you or is it because someone else thinks you should want money? Does money promise to make you feel bigger and better than other people? Why is this important to you? What feeling do you believe money will give you that you don’t have without money? Money doesn’t fix problems, it gives you options. What options do you want? Why do you want these options? What feeling do you believe these options will give you?

If you want to be charismatic, confident and powerful, why do you want these attributes? What do you believe these attributes will give you emotionally, that you don’t already have?

The only question you need to answer is, Do I like my reason for wanting this? Do I feel better when I think about my why, or do I feel worse? Keep asking why do I want this thing, these attributes, until you find your deep and true why. This is your guiding star, this feeling of knowing will guide you. Get to know what your feeling of inner harmony feels like in your body, and recreate this sensation every day.

Until next time, don’t wait for a significant birthday to celebrate and enjoy your every day life. Life is make for fun, and you make your own fun.

oxoxo Linda

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