Dynamic Living: Finding FUN in pursuing goals.

Dynamic Living: Finding fun in pursuing your goals. Hello, My Friends Another benefit of setting and achieving goals is the fun you have in the pursuit of what you want. Some of the most fun things that happen to us, happen when we are in the pursuit of a goal.Happiness and purpose are linked. WhenContinue reading “Dynamic Living: Finding FUN in pursuing goals.”

Stepping Forward: 60 and Beyond.

Celebrate everyday, Feel the best you can feel at any moment. Life is yours to live, Live it with your style, your flair, your way, with integrity and authenticity. Be who you believe you can be, no comparison. Hello, My Friends This week is one of those milestone weeks. I have my sixtieth birthday thisContinue reading “Stepping Forward: 60 and Beyond.”

Happiness is… Accepting where you are.

Happiness is… Hello, My Friends Did you stop for a moment to breathe, to feel, to play? What needs to happen for you to take a moment to be with you?  Do you need a life event to knock you off centre, for you to regain your balance?  As humans we are funny creatures, weContinue reading “Happiness is… Accepting where you are.”

Happiness is …

Hello, My Friends Within you is greatness, an untapped wealth of potential.  Learning about who you are, what you like and don’t like are very important aspects to unwrapping the gift of yourself.  Most of us are unhappy because we are doing things that are not in alignment with our greatness.  We are striving toContinue reading “Happiness is …”

Every day is a new day!

Sunrise from my deck. A one of a kind spectacular, For my enjoyment Every day is a completely new day, Never been lived before. Hello, My Friends Welcome to a brand New Year. 2022 has the promise to be what ever we want it to be. Do you believe that your life is already destinedContinue reading “Every day is a new day!”

How to create your ‘Pleasure Portfolio’ intentionally.

‘Sing like no one is listening, Love like you never been hurt, Dance like no one is watching, Live like it is heaven on earth.’ Mark Twain Photo by Talles Alves http://www.unsplash.com Hello, My friends. This week has been an interesting one, our mama guinea pig has produced four beautiful little snappy babies, they runContinue reading “How to create your ‘Pleasure Portfolio’ intentionally.”