Happiness is… Accepting where you are.

Happiness is…

Hello, My Friends

Did you stop for a moment to breathe, to feel, to play?

What needs to happen for you to take a moment to be with you? 

Do you need a life event to knock you off centre, for you to regain your balance? 

As humans we are funny creatures, we like to bury our heads in the sand, a bit like the Ostrich, thinking that because we can’t see the imbalance of our lives, it won’t see us, or affect us.  And then when we get run over by the proverbial bus, we throw our hands in the air and say why me.  The why me is because you didn’t listen to all the little promptings that your empowering inner voice was giving you. And the bus is the only way you know to create the change you want. 

What if there was an easier way? 

Today I want to talk about acceptance. 

Accepting that where you are right now sucks, that at this very minute life does not feel fair. 

That in this moment happiness is a fleeting dream. 

Guess what? You are exactly where you need to be, to create your next move. 

Are you a chess player? I am learning that chess players are strategists, they are never playing the move in front of them, they are always three or four moves ahead.  They have mentally gone through all their options and the options that their opposition may or may not make. 

Beginning where you are, you have the power to begin to strategize your next move.  What move would you make today, if you knew you would get a reward at the end of the week? This is exactly what happens when you work for wages. You move today into the workforce to receive the reward of money at the end of the next week. 

This is great news, you are already on your way to making delayed decisions. 

Accepting where you are, and the mess that is your life, is the starting line. 

Are you trying to straighten out the mess? What if you’re not supposed to straighten it out? What if you are supposed to thrive right there in the middle of it all?

What if your ray of sunshine is the very beam of light that is needed in your space right now?  And by fighting with what is, you are hiding and warping your sunbeam. What if your flavour of mess, is where your strength lies?

Happiness is… Accepting where you are? 

Today’s question is… Do I accept what is easily and move forward?

Until tomorrow, pick one thing in your life you are pushing up against, striving to change and say to it, “Okay, I see you, I accept that you are in my life today, What are you here to teach me?”

Remember acceptance is not defeat, it is acknowledging that what is, is. And we never ever beat ourselves up about where we are. 

oxoxo Linda

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