Happiness is… Feeling Purposefully

Happiness is…

Hello, My Friends

Acceptance is being in the moment as it is, without striving to change it, mold it, or make it anything else. 

Once we have admitted where we are, like the chess player I mentioned yesterday, we can begin to strategize where we want to be in the next moment. 

Happiness is… Knowing where you are going. 

Another word for knowing where you are going is purpose. 

If you are aiming at having an orderly home, and it is currently overflowing with things, clothes, shoes, boxes, games, you name your flavour of stuff. Your purpose is to begin to sort and eliminate  everything that isn’t orderly. 

Simple really, but not so easy to do. 

Purpose gives you the will to do the hard yards.  I can guarantee, you are attached to your stuff, it represents your hard earned money, it represents the love of others for you.  Your cluttered space is a representation of your life and the value you give to the people and things in it.  When you have a clear idea of what an orderly home feels like to you. (Everything we do, we do for the feeling we believe it will give us.) What it will look like, and how it will work. Then the process becomes so much easier, everything that isn’t in your picture of orderliness, is removed. 

I want to suggest it is this simple for weight loss, What are the things in your space right now that are feeding the feelings of holding weight to you?  What does it feel like to be slender? The feeling is what you are after.  What are you using to hide to feelings you don’t want to feel? I’d say food. What type of food? What is your routine? What is your trigger?  These are all part of knowing where you are, and where you want to go.

Once you are clear about what you want and how you want to feel, you begin to remove everything that isn’t a part of what you want and how you want to feel. 

Purpose will give you happiness. 

Pulling what you want towards you, rather than moving away from what you don’t want. 

It is subtle, but the energy behind the move is vital. 

By removing everything that isn’t what you want, you build space for what you really do want.

Purpose, having a clear vision of what you want and stepping into that vision, one moment at a time, creates the sense of accomplishment. 

Today’s question is… What is the one purposeful feeling you really want? 

Until tomorrow, think about the feelings you have about the things you do. What is the feeling you get from them? Name it and create it on purpose. 

oxoxo Linda

As a certified Life Coach, I help you to help yourself, so you can create a well lived life your way. 

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