Happiness is… Your Choice!

Happiness is…

Hello, My Friends

The final day of Happiness is… 

We have covered a lot this month. 

What is your definition of HAPPINESS?

This makes a huge difference to how you feel happy. 

I have skimmed over the surface of a lot of information, each one could form it’s own study. 

To recap a few of the mayor Happiness is…

Happiness is living in your inner peace. 

Happiness is knowing who you are.

Happiness is within you, never in anything external. 

Happiness is in the moment, right here and now. 

Happiness is focused attention. 

Happiness is being imperfect and loving yourself anyway.

Happiness is having fun, living in joy, being playful. 

Happiness is laughing out loud, genuinely. 

Happiness is your heart energy.

Happiness is deciding what you want and following through to get it. 

Happiness is purpose driven. 


You get to choose to be happy or not. You get to decide how you want to feel about any moment.  You are choosing anyway, whether you are aware or not, you may as well choose an emotion that feels good, or at least better. 

Today’s question is… Will you choose to feel happiness? 

Until tomorrow, pick one activity to be happy about and create that happiness from this moment on. 

oxoxo Linda

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