Every day is a new day!

Sunrise from my deck.

A one of a kind spectacular,

For my enjoyment

Every day is a completely new day,

Never been lived before.

Hello, My Friends

Welcome to a brand New Year. 2022 has the promise to be what ever we want it to be.

Do you believe that your life is already destined to be? That you don’t get a choice in how your life turns out, that you have to live whatever comes your way and be thankful for it.

This morning while I was journaling, a novel thought entered by mind.

I was thinking about what makes one day different from the next. Is it what we are doing or planning to do with the day that makes the difference?

I was reminded that no two days are created the same, ever. Each day is a brand new, never seen before day. Every sunrise is fresh and new, the clouds are not the same clouds as yesterday, even the sun rising is not the same, it is either a few minutes earlier or later than the previous day.

Every day has it’s own energy, the blistering hot summer days, the mild spring days, the wild windy days, even the cross tornado days each have an energy that fuels them.

How often do we wait, look, and see what the energy of a day has to offer us before we plunge headlong into what we have planned for the day?

In February I celebrate my sixtieth birthday. I decided 60 days out that I would do one fun, challenging activity every day until I reach this milestone date. I have 53 more days to go. This challenge is testing me in more ways than I ever dreamed possible. If you want to see what I’m up to visit me at https://www.facebook.com/linda.codlin. #60daystosixtychallenge

This challenge has touched on my people pleasing nerves, “Will people like this?” “What will my friends and family think? ” “What if I make a fool of myself?” I’ve had to do some serious self coaching around these beliefs and the self talk that is attached to them. I am continually reminding myself this is not about other people, it is about me. It’s about finding out what I like and what I don’t, it’s also about stretching me out my comfort zone, and posting about it, helps to keep me honest and real.

I’ve had to face a few fears already, and I’m only one week in, you’d think since I’m choosing the challenges, I’d choose easy ones that wouldn’t tap into my scary emotions. That is precisely the point of these challenges, they are to test myself, to create opportunities for me to investigate my emotions and my beliefs about myself and my abilities. To feel the satisfaction of accomplishment.

Do you find you do the same old activities all the time? When was the last time you stretched your boundaries and did something a little out of the usual. Have a go at doing some of the things you used to do and don’t do anymore, even if you don’t do them well, at least you are giving your body and your brain something new to focus on.

A new day has it’s own energy, what energy are you bringing to your day?

This months topic in Facebook: @lindacodlin25 is HAPPINESS. Everyday I am asking a question about happiness, it is my intention to get you thinking. To challenge your paradigms and perspectives, and to investigate what I believe about happiness, and whether my belief actually serves my life.

Happiness isn’t the end result, it is the process. Your energy signature has a bearing on your happiness, the way you perceive life has an impact on how you respond to the events that happen in your life.

Happiness is not a smile plastered on your face, when you feel like your world is caving in around you. It is being honest with yourself that the world is caving in and that you do want to run away and hide. It is making the choice to continue on your journey in the face of hard things with as much cheerfulness as you can find within you. Being grateful for the good you can find in your everyday, even if it is the sun rise in the morning, and the sunset at night.

Happiness is seeing and hearing the delight of nature, it’s feeling the caress of the breeze on your skin, it’s seeing the smile of a sleeping baby. Happiness in the moment. Every moment has the potential for happiness. Being happy comes from within us. Each and every one of us has happiness inbuilt into us. I wonder if we were preprogrammed for happiness. We all seek it. We are looking outside ourselves for happiness, we are looking at other people and things to make us happy. The thing is no-one but you can make yourself happy.

Happiness is an inside job. You already have it. It needs to be uncovered and nurtured. Find what makes you smile from the inside out.

Is it a paving job that looks spectacular?

Is it a sleeping baby?

Is it seeing yourself taking confident charge of your life?

Happiness comes with an action. We often think we’ll be happy when … and when we get what we want, the happiness comes and goes so quickly leaving us feeling deflated. Looking for the next hit of happy. Happy is within you.

Until next time, go looking for your unique happy within. Sit and watch the sunset, knowing that this sunset is an original never to be repeated spectacular for you to enjoy, if you choose to enjoy it.

Connect with me if you want to be coached personally to find your happiness from within.

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oxoxo Linda

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