Happiness is …

Hello, My Friends

Within you is greatness, an untapped wealth of potential. 

Learning about who you are, what you like and don’t like are very important aspects to unwrapping the gift of yourself. 

Most of us are unhappy because we are doing things that are not in alignment with our greatness.  We are striving to be what we think we ought to be. 

What if you became, allowed your greatness to guide you?

Where would your life lead you? 

Imagine you are on a mystery path, in a magical forest. The trees around you guide you to your hearts desire when you follow their lead.  In this magical forest you have no need to bring weapons, the trees protect you from all outside harm. 

The trees can not, however, protect you from the harm within. 

The greatest harm is not what is around you, it is the harm you carry within you. 

The misguided beliefs that you are not to be trusted. 

That your body is the enemy, that your brain will trick and deceive you, that your spirit is broken and won’t guide you to what you truly want. 

These are the beliefs that act like weapons within yourself. 

Self sabotage is within you. It is the subtle belief that you are not good enough, or not worthy, or that you are somehow broken. 

Everything you need is within you.  The greatness of who you are, and what you can do, and the impact for good you can have on the world, your world, is a rich resource, waiting for you to have the courage to do the difficult and uncomfortable work of mining for it. 

Have you ever noticed that the rarest gems are never lying around on the surface, things like gold, opal, jade, and silver? They are difficult to get at, they take work, they take breaking up the ground around them, and sometimes they take digging deep into the earth.

The rarity is in the difficulty of access, the value is in the uniqueness of the gem, or mineral. 

You are the rarest gem of all creation, you are the only one created to be you.

You have so much potential for good.  Begin to break up the ground of false beliefs about yourself.  Unpick the sabotage, that is holding you back. Dig deep into your spirit, find the spark of life that is you. Then remove everything that doesn’t light that spark, do the uncomfortable things until they become comfortable.

Your life is waiting for you to live it, in happiness. 

Today’s question is … Do you trust your body, mind & spirit to guide you to your unique greatness? 

Until tomorrow, think about how your body, mind and spirit work together, are they in unison or they divided and separate? 

xoxo Linda

As a certified Life Coach, I help you to help yourself, so you can create a well lived life your way. 

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